How to Create A New York Loft inspired Interior

New York loft style interiors have become hugely popular in the last few years with more and more of us moving to the city for work and leisure, we have had to adapt to making the most of small, unusual and often quirky interior spaces.

City loft interiors make the most of every space while reflecting the chic and sophisticated style of cosmopolitan living. A mix and match of styles and materials create a haven of looks and designs that compliment and contrast against the open plan layout of loft style living.

Naked Finishes

Celebrate the space you are in by making the most of the framework of the building and adapting them into your choice of interior design. Warehouse loft conversions often feature bare concrete floors that when polished can create and elegant and sleek finish that can be complimented with a plush rug that will soften the look and feel of the space. Many lofts and apartments feature long and unbroken walls of wonderful red brick that look fabulous decorated with a selection of photos, artwork and mirrors in contrasting metallic colours for a chic and artistic finish. If the brickwork is a little ugly then use the opportunity to create a textural feature wall by painting it in a tone from your chosen colour scheme and match this with your accessories for a complimentary look and feel.


Industrial materials

Industrial furniture and materials look amazing in New York style lofts and create a contrasting partnership between natural and manmade materials. Metal cabinets, bed frames and stools look extremely striking against bare concrete and brick finishes and create a sense of masculinity and ruggedness to the space. Solid wood furniture also looks great in loft style settings and in particular reclaimed or recycled wood items that show a little pre-loved history in their surfaces and finish. Combine metal frameworks and wooden table tops for a combination of materials that work together in creating a unique and interesting style.



Stripped down lighting

Lighting is often kept to a minimum in new your loft apartments with many choosing to utilise original designs and existing fittings that compliment the ambiance of the space. Areas of ‘zoned’ lighting are most popular with a selection of plain metal shades hung in linear positions above dining chairs, breakfast bars or beds. Chrome, brass and pewter work well alongside the industrial colour palettes of loft style interiors and create a sense of added space due to their illuminating and reflective nature. When selecting a lamp for your loft, opt for retro, overhanging designs and minimal styles with plain or bold coloured shades.

Cosy Fabrics

To ensure that your loft space is not too sparse or austere then counteract the plain and stripped back surface areas with cosy and textural fabrics that are eye-catching and practical. Of you prefer a more minimal style then choose monochrome or crisp white fabrics in simple cotton and linen that will create a sleek and streamlined finish within your open plan space. For a bolder and funkier finish then add a scattering of brightly coloured, pattern cushions along your sofa and bed space or upholster an occasional chair in a retro, abstract or floral fabric design that will create a contrast against the neutral bare brick backdrops. For added cosiness add some throws, cushions and rugs in suede and light faux fur fabrics that will create a homely and inviting space to relax.

City Accessories

Cosmopolitan city inspired accessories will add the finishing touch to your loft inspired interior and provide an area of visual colour and detail within a industrial and often sparse interior space. Contemporary, abstract wall art looks great against plain brick surfaces and is a great way to create a feature wall within your home. Large houseplants and cacti will create an area of fresh colour as well as bringing a sense of the outdoors, indoors to give a rural twist to the urban setting. Strategically placed mirrors will help to open up smaller loft spaces and add a sense of femininity to this usually masculine look. Kitchen accessories in crisp chrome finishes and brass pots and pans will compliment the industrial finish of the interior space and give a sleek contemporary look to both classic and modern kitchen areas.

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