Our Cotswold Cream Painted Narrow Bookcase: It’s Not Just for Books!

Whether you have a few favourite books or a whole library’s worth, you need a bookcase (or maybe several!) to display them and keep them neat and orderly. Here at the Furniture Market, we stock a wide range of bookcases, but of course, you don’t have to use them just for books—or even put any books on their shelves at all! As you can see from our pictures, our bookcases are also the perfect place to display plants, tableware, framed photos or ornaments, and they’re also ideal for storing folders, magazine files and other items such as DVDs too.

The Cotswold Cream Painted Narrow Bookcase is a versatile item of furniture that provides an elegant storage and display solution in any room. The tall, narrow design means it provides plenty of shelf space, but can fit into places where a more conventional width bookcase wouldn’t fit. Its warm cream finish will blend happily into a neutral palette or strike a pleasing contrast with a bold one, and its simple but sophisticated lines give it a timeless quality, meaning its suitable for both modern and traditional style rooms.

Cotswold Cream Painted Narrow Bookcase

Oak-Framed for Strength and Durability

Cotswold Cream Painted Narrow Bookcase

This bookcase is crafted from the highest quality combination of solid oak, thick oak veneers and select panels of man-made board to create a strong and durable frame that withstands wear and tear. The main body of the bookcase is finished in soft cream, while the top plinth is lime coloured oak that complements the cream tone perfectly.

This bookcase features five open front shelves—two at the bottom, three at the top—that are perfect for displaying and organising book collections, DVDs, ornaments or accessories. Below the top three shelves, there is a small drawer that’s extremely useful for tucking away any small household items, such as pens, notepads, scissors, Sellotape or other essentials that might otherwise clutter up your surfaces. Of course, it’s the ideal place to store your spare bookmarks, too! The drawer is finished with a sophisticated but easy-to-use brushed steel half-cup handle.

Pair it Up: Our Stylish Cotswold Cream Sideboard

Cotswold Cream Painted 2 Door 2 Drawer Medium Sideboard

Bookcases are great for things you’re happy to display, but less useful for more practical items that you want to store close by, but out of sight. That’s where a spacious sideboard comes in useful! So why not pair up your bookcase with our  Cream Painted 2 Door 2 Drawer Medium Sideboard with Oak Top, giving you plenty of extra storage and display space and a stunning coordinated look? 

Crafted from the same high-quality materials, this sideboard is a useful and stylish addition to any room. The limed oak top plinth gives you a large area to display a vase of flowers, houseplants, photos or collectibles. Directly underneath, two half-width drawers are ideal for tucking away any small stationery items and accessories: finally, there’s a handy place for those coasters, napkins, and your shopping list and address books! 

Below, there’s a spacious double cupboard area for any larger household items such as serving dishes, cake stands and tablecloths, or household items such as boardgames. The drawers are completed with brushed metal half-cup handles while the doors feature small, brushed metal knobs that perfectly complement the cream satin finish of your sideboard. 

This pair of furniture items will lift the look of any room and provide a practical but stylish storage solution in the lounge, dining room, kitchen or bedroom—or even a larger hallway space. And there’s a host of other matching pieces to bring the Cotswold Cream look to any room in your home! Just head over to our website to discover our complete collection of Cotswold Cream Painted Furniture.

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