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The Furniture Market Team 2018

A brief history of The Furniture Market

The Furniture Market was founded by Adrian Latham in 2004 and has since grown to become one of the largest Oak, French and Modern furniture retailers in the UK

Adrian grew up on a farm in Cheshire, with his parents being antique dealers you could say that furniture was in his blood from a very early age. As a child he did not have your typical paper round to earn pocket money, instead he helped his parents by waxing and French polishing antiques to help maximize their sales potential. Following on from school Adrian studied engineering and then moved on to study a degree in Business Marketing and Management and achieved a 1st class honors degree.

Adrian in his first warehouse

Adrian then pursued his dream of running his own company. With his knowledge of furniture and passion for business he set his targets to establish an online furniture retail company. Initially he took on a part time position 3 days a week managing an antiques shop in Shropshire, this enabled him to pay his bills whilst freeing up the rest of the week to build his eCommerce website and start his eBay shop by selling furniture purchased from wholesalers.

Adrian's first constructed warehouse

During the early days The Furniture Market had to be the ultimate one man band, from building the website, listing products for sale and taking orders all the way through to delivering the furniture nationwide.

Adrian handled customer inquires and took orders whilst out delivering and then processed orders and planned deliveries of an evening.soon the business grew, and after working 18 hour days and sleeping at the office became the norm,

Adrian took on his first employee to help with delivery meaning he could spend more time quality checking furniture and dealing with customer service to achieve a precious 5 star feedback on eBay.

Over time Adrian built up a good working relationship with a number of suppliers who had the right quality products and logistics in place to work around what was fast becoming a thriving eCommerce business.

He then set about sourcing directly from the factories to ensure the lowest possible prices, collating a number of manufacturers that were keen to do business. Adrian also enrolled the help of his wife Bianca who possessed a wealth of knowledge in the interior design sector and has helped create many of the best-selling furniture designs you see today on the website. Due to Adrian cutting out the middleman it enabled the business to price popular quality furniture aggressively and gain a competitive advantage over the competition as well as help build momentum in sales to expand organically.

Adrian in 2013 as a container is unloaded

Adrian continued to apply his direct sourcing strategy, increasing his product portfolio and stock levels enabling him to supply customers with furniture within days of ordering. This fast turnaround proved great for today's consumer as they no longer needed to wait months for furniture and instead could get it within days.

The Furniture Market has since seen strong performance with year on year growth as the business has taken a foothold in the 'clicks over bricks' retail model for furniture due to reducing overheads that come with fancy furniture showrooms these savings are passed onto the customers through low priced furniture.

The Furniture Market have their own fleet of vans which deliver furniture all over the country. Through this control of delivering it is possible to offer short lead times and hourly time slots which is unheard of in the furniture industry.

By operating an in house sales and logistics team this means price and service go hand in hand and exceed customer expectations. The Furniture Market now operates from a 50,000 square foot site and employs over 40 skilled team members that all work hard to ensure you get your furniture at the best possible price and with the best customer service.

How we offer these low prices

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We offer high quality design led furniture at a fraction of the cost of high street stores. We do this by buying directly from the factories so you can be rest assured you are getting value for money whilst not compromising on the quality or service standards.

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