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  • A Warm Welcome

    Unfortunately for us it seems like this Great British summer is possibly on it's way out! The sunny days are getting shorter and less frequent and there is much less natural light shining into our interior spaces. With this in mind it’s time to start creating an uplifting sanctuary within our interiors that will substitute the rather dreary outside weather. Why not give your interior space A WARM WELCOME with cosy and inviting colour schemes and textural and inviting fabrics that will create a haven of relaxation and bliss.

    Warm colour schemes are a perfect choice for the autumn/winter season and will create an enveloping cosy ambiance in any room of the home. For a rather Mediterranean inspired interior look opt for rich cream, burnt orange, terracotta and maroon colour tones that will come together to create a pop of colour that still remains rich and welcoming. For a more neutral and earthy interior colour scheme you could stick to beige, mocha and chocolate tones for a chic and elegant look within your chosen interior space. Opt for a flocked or textured wallpaper that will draw the eyes to a feature wall and create a stylish statement within your home interior.

    Fabrics and soft furnishings are essential in creating a warm interior space. The more textural and eye-catching the fabrics the more cosy they make your interior feel. Velvet is a great choice in a warm and welcoming interior area as the soft and tactile finish will create an enveloping feel within your chosen room. A set of velvet curtains can be teamed with co-ordinating cushions and throws to create the perfect place to snuggle up and watch TV. For a modern interior feel team these velvet cushions with a selection of faux fur designs that will create a more Scandinavian inspired interior feel. If you prefer a classic and traditional hint of cosiness why not create a rustic, country inspired room that features warm red and orange coloured tartan across your curtains, rugs, bedding and cushions that will provide a homely feel in your interior.

    Solid oak furniture is a perfect choice for creating a warm and welcoming interior space. The classic finish and golden tones will create an interior ambiance that envelops you in a cosy and warming feel. Opt for chunky and textural items that will create a farmhouse inspired interior look that is perfect when teamed with traditional textiles and colour schemes. For a more modern take on your furniture items then why not select some cream or grey painted furniture home. As most painted items also feature natural wood accents you could also mix and match your painted and solid oak furniture items within the same room for a more visually detailed interior finish.

    For more ideas on creating a warm welcome in your home interior, take a look at this week's latest Pinterest board - Pinterest - A Warm Welcome.

  • Product of the Week - Venetian Mirrored 2 Over 2 Drawer Chest

    The Venetian Mirrored 2 over 2 Drawer Chest is a stylish and elegant furniture item that will look wonderful in a wide range of modern and traditional homes. Its shimmering and reflective surface areas makes it perfect for smaller homes or those with darker interior spaces as it will create the sense of space and light within your room. This chest of drawers is a perfect balance of style and practicality and it's neutral finish means that it can be partnered with a variety of interior colour schemes.

    The frames of these chest of drawers have been crafted from high quality thick MDF panels that insures that this chest of drawers is both strong and durable. MDF panels are used instead of solid wood as natural wood expands and contracts and would cause the mirrored glass panels to break and crack. The MDF panels have been painted in a matte black finish that compliments the strong and toughened mirrored glass panels that cover this stylish chest of drawers.

    The flat table top area can be used to display a variety of accessories and ornaments creating a focal point within your chosen interior space. The two small drawers are ideally sized to house any stationery items or small knick-knacks while the two larger drawers can be used to house any small clothing items and general household accessories in one central and organised area. Each drawer has been completed with a small crystal pumpkin knob that adds an additional glamorous finish to this furniture item.

    Why not partner this chest of drawers with a co-ordinating Venetian Mirrored Small 1 Drawer Lamp Table that will create a stylish finish in your chosen interior space. This small lamp table will look wonderful nestled by the side of a sofa or bed frame and creates a glistening finish within your home interior. Crafted from the same high-quality materials as the chest of drawers; the mirrored surface areas create a reflective and shimmering ambience in any living room or bedroom interior.

    The small square table top area can be used to display a lamp, telephone or ornament creating visual style within your chosen room.  The long and elegant mirrored legs add a feminine and delicate touch to this classic side table. There is a small drawer located beneath a table top that is perfect for tucking away any small household accessories and items which can be closed away out of sight and out of mind. The small crystal pumpkin draw knobs add a luxurious finish to this side table and will compliment the mirrored surface areas.

    For more items that will complete your interior look, head over to the website will you will find our complete and extensive range of Venetian Plain Mirrored Furniture.


  • Picnic Accessories

    With the kids at home for the school holidays what better time to enjoy some yummy food and relaxation in one of our many beautiful outdoor spaces. The summer season is perfect for exploring the countryside and these fabulous PICNIC ACCESSORIES are ideal for any family day out, drinks with friends or a romantic date.

    Picnic Hampers

    No picnic would be complete without a stylish and functional hamper in which to carry your tasty food and eating essentials. A classic woven basket design is perfect for a quintessential British picnic and these hampers can be lined with a wide variety of fabrics for a splash of colour and pattern. Try to find a design with separate compartments for glasses, cutlery and plates with additional space for your food and drinks. If storage space is limited in your home the you could opt for a foldable picnic bag or cool bag that is spacious enough for all of your picnic items but can be folded away flat when not in use. If you are an avid cyclist then why not purchase a cycle mounted picnic hamper that can be clipped to your bike and taken to your chosen destination with ease.

    Picnic Blankets

    There is nothing worse than a grassy or soggy bottom (and not just the pork pies!) so something to sit on during your picnic is absolutely essential. A classic picnic blanket will add a traditional touch to your day out and can be purchased in an array of girly floral patterns, masculine monochrome patterns or a traditional tartan for a pop of colour and print. Always ensure that your picnic blanket has a waterproof backing to avoid any moisture seeping through the fabric and has a foldable or rolling carry handle for ease of transport. If you are not one for sitting on the floor or if you suffer from back problems then you can still enjoy a picnic setting with some foldable camping chairs that are light weight yet sturdy and can be easily transported to you chosen destination in their co-ordinating carry cases.

    Eating and Drinking

    If you are more of a modern picnic lover then you may want to avoid traditional sandwiches and strawberries. There are multitude of contemporary items and accessories that will give your picnic the edge. For a hot food picnic then you could bring along a small disposable BBQ or a gas burner that can be used to cook some yummy burgers and hot dogs. A gas burner could also be used alongside a practical foldable kettle for a lovely cup of tea and some biscuits. You could also bring a portable drinks dispenser for a nice cold glass of beer, Pimms or orange juice to add a refreshing twist to your picnic. Finally don’t forget a small portable speaker to play your favourite summer songs to chill you out and relax your mind!

    For more ideas on some picnic accessories that will add fun and style to your summer, take a look at this week’s Pinterest board - Pinterest - Picnic Accessories.

  • Colour Trend - Hurricane Grey

    While it may seem like the summer season should be filled with bright yellow, orange and tropical tones, sometimes it's nice to opt for a more muted and classic finish that will co-ordinate with a wide variety of colour palettes. HURRICANE GREY is one of the hottest colour choices as we move through the summer season into the autumn and winter months. This rich grey hue can be paired with both bold and neutral colour tones to create a sophisticated interior design that is chic and elegant.

    For a simple and classic interior design then partner hurricane grey with crisp white for a clean and linear interior look that can be paired with a monochrome striped, geometric or chevron patterned wallpaper for a contemporary interior design. For a more Scandinavian inspired look then why not partner hurricane grey with other tonal grey hues such as charcoal and dove grey and place alongside glacial blues for a hint of calming colour. If you prefer a more bold and modern interior design then partner hurricane grey with bright primary or neon shades with an abstract wall mural that will look perfect in any living room, bedroom or dining room interior. A feminine design can be achieved by partnering hurricane grey with pastel and dusky pinks, blues, purples and greens with a bold floral wallpaper that will create a focal point within your room.

    Hurricane grey looks great across satin and velvet fabrics. These make a perfect choice for your curtains or cushions and give a classic glamorous field to your chosen interior space. If you are opting for velvet fabrics then team with crystal and diamante embroidered cushions for added visual detail. Partner grey satin cushions with classic quilted throws or satin bedding for an opulent and glamorous finish. For a more refined and natural Scandinavian feel opt for grey linen and cotton cushions with some quirky woodland creature patterns and designs and add some grey faux fur and Mongolian cushions that will look great scattered along a sofa or bed area.

    White or grey painted furniture will suit this interior design perfectly and create a light and cosy feel with a twist of modern sophistication. For a more contemporary and sleek interior finished then why not select some white high gloss furniture items that will create a streamlined look within your chosen room. Mirrored furniture items also make a great choice against the hurricane grey backdrop as they compliment the soft grey finish and create reflective surface areas that give the illusion of space within smaller rooms. Classic oak furniture will create a refined and cosy interior look that creates an ambiance of a welcoming country cottage. Opt for chunky textured items for a rustic feel or more sleek and lighter oak items for a modern interior feel.

    For more inspiration on using a hurricane grey colour scheme in your home interior, take a look at this week's latest Pinterest board - Pinterest - Hurricane Grey.


  • Resort Home

    We all dream of escaping to that sunshine getaway or spa hotel where we can put up our feet and relax in peace and tranquillity. Why not introduce this serene ambiance into your home interior this season with a resort inspired interior design. This look brings together cool and calm colours and tropical inspired decor to create a haven that is both visually stylish and functional.

    Start by selecting a variety of tranquil colour tones with a hint of cosiness to create the perfect resort inspired interior design. For a minimal look, select tonal whites and greys that will create an air of illumination and openness within your chosen room. You could partner this with some botanical wallpaper with hints of silver metallic for an added pop of luxury. For a more beachfront inspired feel opt for cool blues and mint tones that will provide a relaxed feel within your home interior. You could include some palm print or orchid patterned wallpaper for those of you who like a hint of bold and bright pattern. For a Californian inspired resort look then select calming beige and cream tones that can be paired with hints of mocha and taupe for a sophisticated twist of luxury.

    Use natural fabrics and furnishings where possible to keep the feel of your room as tranquil and naturally elegant as possible. Cottons and linens look great in a resort inspired interior and will work well across your soft furnishings and upholstery. A set of crisp white cotton curtains can be paired with some silver or white voile across a large window area or patio door and partner with white cushion covers and a soft white shag pile rug that will look wonderful against a plain wooden floor. Alternatively opt for more beige and cream coloured linen curtains and cushions that feature simple stripes or geometric patterns that will look wonderful on a classic sofa or armchair.

    White painted furniture items will look amazing in a minimal resort spa interior and can be paired with clear glass items for an open and illuminating feel. For a cosy beachfront look then why not opt for some smoked oak furniture items that will create a refined spa like feel in any room of the home. A more modern interior design can be achieved using high gloss furniture items with hidden and invisible handles to create a streamlined look within your room and a minimal and spacious feel within your home. Opt for simple accessories such as crisp white and grey ceramics, natural wooden vases and candle holders and include a selection of indoor plants such as palm trees and umbrella plants that can be placed in rattan planters in the corner of the room. Simple spotlights or domed pendant lights will create a soft and elegant ambiance that is perfect for recreating a spa like resort feel.

    For more ideas and inspiration on creating a resort inspired home interior take a look at this week's Pinterest board - Pinterest - Resort Home.

  • Product of the Week - Paloma Green Velvet Chair

    The Paloma Green Velvet Dining Char with Oak Effect Metal Legs will create a focal point in any dining room interior. This opulent and luxurious dining chair will create a burst of colour in both modern and classic dining room interiors. The jewelled colour choice will compliment both neutral and bold interior colour schemes and can be paired with a wide range of dining tables making it a versatile and cost-effective purchase.

    The main frame of this dining chair is crafted from high quality metal and the legs have been completed with an oak grain finish to give the appearance of natural wood with the strength and durability of metal. This chair has been handcrafted into a wing back design that is not only visually stylish and elegant but creates an ergonomic shape where you can sit in comfort and relaxation.

    The main sitting area of this dining chair is softly padded and has been upholstered in a high quality emerald green velvet fabric that gives this chair a vintage and luxurious design. The seat also features a quilted effect stitching that provides a stately and opulent finish to the overall design. This dining chair also includes anti-scratch feet pads that make it perfect for use on a wooden floor or laminate.

    Why not partner these dining chairs with a visually stylish Vito Industrial Oak 2m Dining Table with X Frame Base that will create the ultimate focal point within your dining room interior. This dining table has a vintage industrial feel that will compliment the retro style of your dining chairs. The solid metal sculptural base has been coated in a black powder coated finish that accentuates the artistic shape of this unique table.

    The large and spacious table top area is made from high quality oak veneer and can comfortably sit between 6 to 8 dinner guests making it perfect for large families or those who love to entertain. The combination of natural oak and rich black makes this table a visual feast on the eyes and perfectly marries style and practicality. This table features adjustable feet pads that make it easy to adjust the table to the level of your floor.

    For more items that will complete your dining room interior; head over to the website where you will find our extensive and varied collection of Dining Room Furniture.


  • Pattern Vs Plain

    It is one of the greatest competitions in the interior design world and the head to head still rages on... PATTERN vs PLAIN? While many stick to simple clean lines and plain painted walls others decide to go for all out pattern and print across wallpaper, cushions, bedding and rugs. Which side do you fall on? Whose team will you take? Or are you one of the indifferent interior designers who opt to mix and match both patterns and plain in one room?


    Many people think that a plain interior design is boring or unimaginative but in reality clean, linear shapes and lines and basic colours can create a calm and peaceful space in which to relax. If you don't feel the need to bother with the complications that come alongside wallpapering then a painted feature wall can be equally as striking and will bring together the room with a central colour scheme. For a burst of colour within the room a plain upholstered sofa or chair in a bright jewel tone such as turquoise or emerald will create a luxurious and opulent finish within your space. If you love the minimal interior look then a crisp white interior with white high gloss furniture or clear glass furniture will create a sleek and sophisticated look that is calm and peaceful.


    Pattern is a great way to accent a particular area of your home. Whether it's with a bold and colourful patterned wallpaper or a selection of patterned accessories and upholstery it is a way to draw attention to specific focal points within the room. A patterned wallpaper can be used to create the overall theme of a room such as english garden, tropical, retro or vintage and can be co-ordinated with the same pattern across your cushions, rugs and bedding for a universal theme within the room. Alternatively you can mix and match patterns within the room such as polka dots and stripes or florals and geometric patterns as well as mixing and matching the colours of the same patterns for a more Moroccan inspired interior look..

    Mix It Up

    If you are undecided on which side to take then why not mix and match some patterned and plain interior selections to create a space that features sleek and simple designs alongside bold and eye-catching ones. Place patterned cushions and throws on a plain upholstered sofa or switch it around so that you place plain cushions on a patterned upholstered seating area. Place a crisp white bedding set on a coordinating bed frame and place against a bold patterned wallpapered wall for a striking visual finish. A patterned set of curtains will look great against a plain feature wall and creates a visual focal point within the room. Alternatively why not place some patterned wall art on a plain painted feature wall to draw the eye to that particular space.

    For more ideas on using both patterned and plain furniture, accessories, soft furnishings and wallpaper in your home this season; take a look at this week's latest Pinterest board - Pinterest - Pattern Vs Plain.

  • Colour Trend - Bluebell

    Botanical colour schemes are a huge trend this summer season and a BLUEBELL colour scheme will create a perfect pop of colour whilst remaining chic and elegant. This luxurious blue tone will look wonderful in both modern and classic homes and can be teamed with neutral and bold colour schemes to create your perfect interior space.

    For a simple and clean interior design, partner bluebell with crisp white or pale cream that will create an illuminating and open feeling in any room of the home. This fresh and classic look can be teamed with a white and blue wallpaper featuring classic Wedgewood inspired patterns for a refined and luxurious feel. If you wish to create a more modern interior look then partner bluebell with a selection of grey tones ranging from pale dove grey to deep charcoal that will create a cosy and sophisticated look within your home. Partner this colour scheme with a bold geometric chevron or striped patterned wallpaper that will look great on a large feature wall, chimney breast or alcove area. If bold interior looks are more your style then why not team bluebell with a selection of bright tropical hues such as lime, lemon, fuschia and turquoise to create a bright and summery interior design that can be paired with palm print or orchid patterned wallpapers for a visual focal point.

    Blue is a great choice for soft furnishings as it is a classic colour that can be moved across a variety of contemporary and classic interior designs. For a feminine and delicate feel then why not select some bluebell and white polka dot curtains that can be coordinated with some floral and polka dot cushions, rugs, throws and bedding for a shabby chic inspired design that is soft and chic. This colour also looks great in coastal inspired rooms; opt for white and bluebell striped curtains, cushions and rugs and team with a selection of nautical inspired patterns and prints featuring boats, anchors, shells and seaside scenes. These will look wonderful teamed with rope, driftwood and white painted accessories, ornaments and lighting to create a chic coastal escape.

    White painted furniture will look great with a bluebell painted interior space. The light and bright finish will complement the bright blue backdrop and will create a cosy yet illuminating look within the home. For a more contemporary design you could use some white high gloss furniture that will achieve the same look with a slightly more modern twist. Classic oak furniture will also compliment this look and create a cosy cottage or coastal style feel against the bold blue backdrop. Alternatively why not try some grey painted furniture items with natural oak accents that will create a cosy and calm feel in your chosen room and will give a timeless look to your interior space.

    For more ideas on using a bluebell colour scheme in your home interior take a look at this week's latest Pinterest board for inspiration - Pinterest - Bluebell Colour Trend.

  • Modern Scandi

    Nordic and Swedish interior design as still as popular as ever and create a cool and calm ambience in any room of the home. The combination of cosy fabrics and soft furnishings as well as light and chic colour schemes mean that this style of interior design works well in both contemporary and traditional home interiors. This MODERN SCANDI interior design is the must have trend as we head towards the autumn/winter season. This trend takes the classic Scandinavian interior look and adds a more sleek and modern twist to create a sophisticated home that is cool and relaxed.

    Opt for classic Scandinavian colour palettes such as crisp white and grey or tonal taupe and cool blues that will create a laid-back feel within your home. Paint entire walls or accent walls depending on your tastes and requirements. If you are including a wallpaper in your modern scandi interior then select designs that feature modern spindle style branches and trees or why not select a Scandinavian inspired wall mural in cool blue, iced white or cosy grey hues..

    Layer up your upholstery and soft furnishings to create a cosy and snuggly interior look that is perfect for the Scandinavian interior trend. Include a selection of natural linen cushions on a plain grey or white sofa and coordinate with some faux fur throws, cushions and rugs to create a space that is perfect for curling up and relaxing. To include the modern aspect of this design why not throw in some photographic print cushions featuring alpine inspired animals such as arctic foxes, squirrels and deer that will look wonderful scattered along a sofa or sleeping area. Mix and match traditional Nordic patterns and prints with sleek leather and vintage shaped sofas and beds for a contemporary Scandinavian design.

    To create a modern twist on classic Scandinavian interiors include some modern glass or high gloss furniture items alongside more traditional furniture designs. For example; in your living room interior why not include a smoked oak coffee table that will take centre stage within the room and partner with a crisp white or grey high gloss TV unit that make the perfect partners to this unique and cosy look. Alternatively a modern glass dining table will look amazing with chunky oak dining chairs or linen upholstered dining chairs to create a perfect partnership of countrified Nordic style and modern sleek sophistication.

    Include a variety of accessories such as classic storm lanterns and Nordic expired inspired ornaments and accessories and team with modern features such as chrome or rose gold stag antlers and contemporary abstract artwork in cool blue and grey hues that will look great on a main feature wall. Include a selection of Nordic inspired plates and crockery that can be housed in a modern glass display cabinet or placed upon a contemporary dining table for a centrepiece within the room.

    For more ideas on creating a modern scandi interior design within your home take a look at this week's latest Pinterest board - Pinterest - Modern Scandi.

  • Product of the Week - Downton Grey Painted 2 Drawer Coffee Table with Shelf

    The Downton Grey Painted 2 Drawer Coffee Table with Shelf will create a stylish focal point in any living room interior. This furniture item is a perfect marriage of elegant style and functional practicality. The chic and neutral design will compliment a wide range of colour schemes and will look fabulous in both modern and traditional home interiors. This coffee table is perfect for creating a social centrepiece within your home.

    This coffee table has been lovingly crafted from high quality solid North American Oak with oak veneers and man-made boards for durability and strength. The main body of the coffee table has been painted in an elegant soft grey finish with a natural solid oak table top for a cosy country cottage style. The spacious table top area is ideal for holding your mugs, cups and glasses while watching TV or relaxing.

    This table also features a floor level shelf that can be used to tuck away any newspapers or magazines to ensure that your home interior remains neat and uncluttered. There are two small drawers located beneath the table top that can be opened from both sides of the coffee table and are ideally sized to store any coasters, remote controls and general bits and bobs in one central and organised area.

    Why not partner this coffee table with a co-ordinating Downton Grey Painted Medium Widescreen TV Unit that will create a stylish focal point against a painted or wallpapered feature wall. This TV unit has been crafted from the same high quality materials as the coffee table to ensure that it will become a permanent feature within your home for many years to come. The solid oak table top area can be used to house a widescreen TV up to 60 inches in size, making it perfect for watching movies with family and friends.

    There are two central open front shelves with a rear outlet for cables and connectors that provide the ideal space for housing your TV boxes, DVD players and games consoles. This TV unit also features two small outer cupboards with internal shelves that can be used to store any DVDs, games or general media accessories in one enclosed space that keeps your bits and bobs out of sight and out of mind.

    For more items that will complete your interior look head over to the website where you will find our brand new and exciting range of Downton Grey Painted Furiture.


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