Maximum Storage with our French Hardwood Mahogany Stained Large Wide Chest of Drawers

A large chest of drawers can be useful for several areas in the house. Whether it’s living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture or used in a hallway, it can provide multifunctional storage and display space.

If you love the look of classic, dark hardwood furniture and you’re looking for a focal furniture piece that offers maximum storage, then our French Hardwood Mahogany Stained Large Wide 3 over 4 Chest of Drawers is the item for you! 

Large, wide chest with seven drawers

Large, wide chest with seven drawers

This wide chest is an impressive 1.5m long and has a depth of 40cm, offering huge storage capacity—but at 80cm tall, it’s also a practical height, and suitable for use both in the bedroom as a chest of drawers for clothes, in the living room or hall for general storage and in the kitchen or dining room as a sideboard.

The chest features three smaller, but still very spacious, top drawers. If your large chest is going to live in your bedroom or dressing room, then these drawers are perfect for storing your folded t-shirts, leggings or shorts.  In the dining room or kitchen, you could use them for cutlery, crockery or tablecloths, while in the lounge or hallway, they could be used for any number of household items, from umbrellas and scarves to smaller board games and magazines.

Solid draws with Dovetail joints

Below, four larger half-width lower drawers (in two rows of two) can accommodate larger clothing items, bedding, larger board games, decorative tableware and any number of items you need to find a home for in a busy household. 

Of course, this large, wide chest gives you a very generous display area on top for ornaments, vases, photos, houseplants or a lamp.

Mahogany stained chest made from high-quality hardwood

Constructed using traditional techniques such as dovetailing, this large chest of drawers is made from finest solid Acacia hardwood, with veneers in the top and side panels only.

Mahogany stained chest made from high-quality hardwood

Internal stops are fitted on the drawers to prevent you from pulling them all the way out and the mahogany-stained hardwood has been given a durable, protective, satin lacquered finish to ensure this chest will continue to look good for years to come.

The warm, dark tone of this chest and the styling, inspired by French antique furniture, means it’s well-suited to period décor and styling, but it can also bring a sense of classic elegance to more modern interior styles and strike a contrast with lighter and more neutral colour palettes.

Coordinated bedroom furniture

If you want to transform your whole room with the sophisticated look of French hardwood furniture, then why not match up this large chest with coordinating items? 

If your chest will be used in your bedroom, then we think this French Hardwood Twin Pedestal Dressing Table Set with Mirror & Stool is the perfect partner. A dressing table provides your own personal space for your essential items, and this set also gives you your own mirror and a place to sit and relax while you get ready for the day!

Coordinated bedroom furniture

Made from the same high-quality materials as your large chest, it features an adjustable mirror and a comfortable padded stool with cream upholstery. There are six drawers—two small, and four larger—in which to store personal accessories and health and beauty products. The top surface has plenty of room for a vase, favourite photos, a houseplant or a decorative jewellery box.

To discover more bedroom furniture items in this range or see how our French Mahogany Stained Hardwood pieces could transform any room in your house, explore our complete French Style Hardwood collection.

If you have any queries about our hardwood furniture or any of our other ranges, then just contact us—we’re happy to help! You can send our friendly team an email or call them on 01829 759 259.

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