Children’s Toy Storage

Well, the big day had been and gone and if your house is anything like mine, you are falling over toys and games left right and centre. We all love to treat our little monsters at Christmas but the aftermath can leave us with a bedroom or playroom full of toys with nowhere for them to go.

This is the perfect time of year to invest in some toy storage ideas for your children to ensure that their toys can be organised and stored so they can be enjoyed to their full potential.

Toy Boxes
The classic choice for your children’s toy storage is a chest style toy box that provides plentiful space for both small and large toys and games. Classic oak toy boxes will compliment a wide range of interior decors and when your children have grown out of their toys you can carry on using the chest as an ottoman or blanket box in your own bedroom interior. For more fun and colourful design then choose a painted or decoupage toy box that can be personalised with your child’s name, favourite character or hobby.

Storage Baskets
Storage baskets can come in a wide variety of materials and sizes and are a great way of teaching your children to tidy up after themselves as they simply have to place their items back in the baskets when they have finished playing. Wicker and rattan baskets will look great in classic bedrooms and playrooms and can even be accommodated into a living room due to their sophisticated and stylish appearance. For a more bold and bright look then select coloured felt baskets that can be arranged in a mix or match of shapes and sizes to suit your child.

Door Hangers
If you have limited space in your interior, you may not have enough room for boxes and baskets, as these can take up a considerable amount of floor space in your room. Door hanging storage is the perfect solution as it allows your children to arrange their toys in an organised space whilst leaving them plenty of room to play. Shoe hanging storage is a perfect solution for this purpose as they feature a multitude of pouches and pockets that are ideally sized to place and soft toys, cars, trains or craft items where they can be easily located and selected when needed.

If you are looking for a more permanent storage solution in your child’s bedroom or playroom then you may wish to invest in some built-in furniture with storage space for your children’s toys, books and accessories. Square fronted open bookshelves are a great multifunctional furniture item that can house a multitude of items and accessories. Use the shelving areas to organise your children’s books and DVDs where they can easily pick their bedtime story or afternoon film. Stack their board games on the shelves near to the ground where they can be reached and use square baskets to store all of their smaller toys and then slide them into the shelves for a neat and uncluttered appearance.

Jars and Buckets
There is nothing worse than finding a floor or table full of crayons, chalks, and craft items with nowhere to store these small and easily losable items. If you have a bookcase that is being unused then this can be the perfect place to place these smaller items where they can be organised and easily located. Select some plastic ‘sweet shop’ style jars and fill each with a different item such as pencils, pens, crayons, chalks and paintbrushes where your child can see and find them with ease. Alternatively, take some small metal buckets and buy some chalkboard labels so your child can write out what is in each bucket before they are stored away.

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