5 Home Office Storage Ideas

With more and more of us choosing to study or work from home it is essential to create a relaxing and functional office area that has everything we need for day to day tasks. While decor and colour schemes are a crucial element of creating the right working ambience it is also important to ensure that you have plentiful storage space for any files, folders books and stationery. Take a look at these 5 home office storage items that are not only visually stylish but practical and versatile and create a neat and organised office area.


The number one storage item in any home office interior has to be a functional desk that can be tailored to fit your chosen space and tastes. For a traditional and masculine office look then select a large mahogany desk or a period style bureau with ample drawer and cupboard areas for any large folders, paperwork and small stationery items. If you have a more compact home, opt for reflective designs such as white high gloss, whitewashed oak or painted desks that give the illusion of space and light. Try a foldable wall mounted desk that features internal slots for your pens and pencils or a built-in desk that can be tailor-made to suit an alcove or under stair area.


Bookcases are an essential addition to any home office area as they provide visual detail and functional storage that creates a focal point on a feature wall or alcove area. Floor to ceiling built-in bookshelves are great for those with ample book collections or reference journals that require extensive space to organise their written works. Smaller offices or studies can be complemented with a small or narrow oak bookcase that will not overpower your limited floor space but can also double up as a display plinth for a vase, sculpture or lamp.

Filing Cabinet

There is nothing worse than a desk covered in folders and paperwork or piles of files that have no home or organisation. Filing cabinets provide the perfect solution for your storage needs as they create a specifically designed hanging space where you can sort your files into groups, alphabetical or numerical order to ensure that you can always locate what your need. Solid mahogany and oak filing cabinets will give a classic look and feel to your office space, while cream and grey painted items will create a more cosy country cottage feel. For a more minimal or contemporary look then opt for high gloss or mirrored items that will create a sleek illumination in your office area.

Printer Cupboards

While technology and electrical devices are a central part of everyday work life they can look extremely ugly when placed in full sight on a tabletop or desk. Printer desks provide an ideal space to tuck away your printer, paper and any additional refills or accessories in an area that can be closed away out of sight when not in use. Choose a wide but short design in classic oak, high gloss or a painted finish that can double up as a sideboard for multiple display purposes. Alternatively, if you have an awkward alcove space the select a tall and slim storage cupboard that can be slotted in or built into your chosen space for a functional, space-saving design.

Stationary Tidies

If your office is anything like mine, you can never put your hand on a pen, ruler or paperclip when you need one. Instead of throwing all of your stationery items and accessories into the bottom of a drawer (never to be seen again), why not create a desktop storage area that looks stylish and allows you to easily locate your everyday items. Copper is a hot interior trend this season and a selection of copper stationary pots, paper trays and letter holders will look fabulous along with classic or contemporary desk space. For a more masculine look, select leather storage items and desk tidies or for a hint of femininity then opt for polka dot or floral designs that will add some colour and pattern to your office interior.

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