5 Best Christmas Day Table Settings

Yes, it has finally arrived! It’s Christmas decor week and last-minute preparations are in place for all those parties, family get-togethers and most importantly Christmas Dinner! If you still haven’t finalised your decor for the big day then don’t panic, we have put together 5 of our favourite Christmas Day table settings that give a stylish and professional finish with just a few simple items and accessories. Whether you prefer a traditional lunch or a bold and modern design there is a style to suit all tastes.


Of course, the most popular choice for table decor is a classic festive design that will give a warm and cosy Christmassy feel to your oak dining table. Opt for a classic white, red and gold colour scheme that will give a perfect balance of traditional style and festive sparkle in your dining room area. Select a rich red table cloth in a plain satin fabric or with the addition of gold snowflakes or holly print for added visual detail. Add plain white plates and bowls with shimmering gold napkins that will add festive luxury to your table. As a centrepiece choose a large poinsettia plant or a selection of white pillar candles with red and gold ribbons and holly or mistletoe embellishments as well as classic crackers and gold cutlery.


If traditional designs are simply not your style then why not opt for a bold and colourful table setting that provides a perfect blend of contemporary design and festive luxury.  Opt for bright and vibrant jewelled colour schemes that will create a focal point within your dining area. Select a simple white table cloth that will allow the bold colours to stand out in contrast for an eye-catching designer finish. Select crockery in rich tones such as purple, magenta, turquoise and emerald and add rich satin napkins in contrasting yet complementary colours. Create a centrepiece using a large glass fishbowl filled with a selection of jewel-toned baubles and LED fairy lights and add glitter stags glittered table confetti and shimmering silver cutlery for a bright and lively design.


If you wish to bring some rich and opulent glamour to your dining table this Christmas day then create a chic and sophisticated design that is a perfect blend of masculine and feminine luxury. Opt for sleek and stylish colour schemes such as black and grey, black and gold or gold and midnight blue that will create a rich and lavish design that has an air of palatial flamboyance. Select a sleek gold table runner that features simple tasselled ends or sequin detailing that will create a linear stripe down the centre of the table. Choose plates and bowls in deep and rich black or midnight blue with gold satin napkins formed into a fan shape or tied with a glistening gold snowflake. Create a centrepiece with a long garland of foliage across the length of the table runner and add gold angels, butterflies or gold sprayed acorns with shimmering gold cutlery.

Highland Chic

There is nothing more festive than classic Christmas colour schemes and patterns that create a warm and cosy ambience against the cold winter weather. If you love a rural country atmosphere for your Christmas day lunch then why not create a Highland inspired table setting that is rich and refined. Opt for traditional red, green, navy and mustard colour schemes that will create a classic rustic charm within your dining room area. Select a full tartan table cloth that will give a bold highland style to your oak table and opt for bronze, red or tartan crockery with green or tartan napkins for added pattern and colour. Create a centrepiece with miniature Christmas trees, wooden stags or wooden bowls of pine cones that can be accented with tartan bows and holly to reflect the beautiful natural landscape of the Scottish highlands.

Natural Nordic

The crisp and elegant style of Nordic design showcases natural elements and wintery tones that are perfect for the festive season.  This style of table setting will look wonderful in both modern and country-inspired home interiors to give a fresh yet cosy dining setting. Opt for simple monochrome, black and grey or grey and white colour schemes that are crisp yet warming in its appearance. Select a simple white, silver or grey table cloth and add white, grey or silver plates and bowls with a rustic snowflake or Fairisle pattern design alongside white or natural linen napkins tied with twine. Create a centrepiece using simple pillar candles, vases of twigs with led fairy lights and a scattering of natural or snow sprayed acorns in varying sizes that will give a frosty, wintery feel.

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