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French Louis Oak

What is oak veneer?

Oak veneer is the premium cuts of oak that are sliced and then glued to a thick man-made board backing. This creates a very attractive grain appearance on the selected panels.

Why is oak veneer used in selected panels?

Oak veneer is used in selected panels to improve appearance of the oak grain and also to increase the strength and stability. Since veneer is glued with a waterproof adhesive to a stable man-made board it produces a surface that will not warp or split over time.

Solid oak panels can move slightly (expansion and contraction) with temperature changes from summer to the winter months and this can cause very slight splitting in the joints.

Therefore most manufacturers choose to use veneers in the large flat oak panels as this not only can improve the appearance of the furniture but also increases the life and stability of the furniture for years to come.

Advantages of Oak Veneer?

* Oak veneer creates a very attractive grain appearance on the panel.

* Oak veneer makes the selected panels more stable and stops them from warping or splitting over time.

* Oak veneers can reduce the cost for the furniture so you get better value for money.

It's a myth that oak veneers are bad,

Providing the oak veneer is of a good quality and is applied to a thick back board it is designed to increase the life of the furniture.

Certain furniture retailers try to brainwash customers saying that veneers are bad and generally when people think "Oak Veneer" they think peeling strips of oak off the corners and tops. This is an old way of thinking. Manufacturing methods have improved greatly over the last 10 years and the quality of our oak veneers is very impressive.

We only use the best oak veneers in a way that is designed to improve the look and life of the furniture we sell.

See example of veneers in cupboard door panels.

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