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How Should I Clean Oak Furniture

Oak Furniture

How to: Polish your oak furniture

Unlike other hardwood furniture, oak is very durable. However, to get the most from your furniture it’s strongly recommended to dust and polish it regularly to prevent dust particles from causing any damage. Use a wax polish to treat your oak furniture as soon as you get it home. This way, you’re protecting the wood from the start. You’ll typically need to repeat this process every two to three months to keep the wood nourished.

What to avoid

As oak is a high quality wood, it’s best to avoid using general household cleaning products, as the strong chemicals are too abrasive to use and can cause damage to the furniture by causing the wood to dry out.

Specially formulated spray polish for hardwoods are preferable and those that contain natural beeswax are perfect for polishing your oak furniture. To prevent your furniture from fading dramatically, avoid placing it in areas that receive direct sunlight. It’s equally important not to place your oak furniture close to radiators or air vents, as intense temperatures can cause damage to the wood.

Any spilled liquids should be mopped up as soon as ever possible to prevent causing damage to the wood. Be thorough when soaking up the water, and make sure that the affected area is completely dry. Whenever wiping up moisture from oak furniture, wipe in the direction of the grain to ensure that there is no residual moisture left in the wood.

Best cleaning products

Wax or polish with high content of beeswax is ideal for treating and polishing your oak furniture. Not only does the wax nourish the wood, but it helps to create a protective seal which will go some way to preventing the wood from cracking or splitting.

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