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Tips for Taking the Perfect Food Photos for Instagram at the Dining Table

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Instagramming food has become a rite of passage, from gourmet meals to greasy burgers, colourful cocktails, and creamy hot chocolates, to cheesy nachos and avocado on toast brunch dates, we upload them all. Falling just short of getting the right lighting for a selfie, taking the perfect food pic has become an Instagram essential. So, what are the top bloggers tips and tricks to getting yours just right:

The Furniture

All of the bloggers we spoke to said the same, it all starts with the furniture. Getting the right table is essential for creating the Insta-perfect overall vibe.


From avoiding the glare on a glass table, to getting the flawless white marble table for the ultimate Instagram goals, bagging the right table is a huge factor, so take note. There are 3 types of table we tend to get when eating out:

Glass - the glare on a glass table can be problematic for foodies, so bear this in mind. Flash can intensify glare on a photograph, so if possible try and take photos on glass with natural light and in daylight to avoid this where possible.

Marble - the most Insta-worthy of all table tops, a marble table is a definite way to secure tons of likes. Marble makes the colours of your food much brighter and more appealing, adding a touch of luxe to your shot. When it comes to editing pics taken on marble, up the brightness and use a filter which enhances this like Clarendon or Juno to really make colourful foods pop.

Wood - by far the best surface for avoiding glare, wooden tables don't reflect the light as much but be careful of different tones, from oak to mahogany, each different type of wood can add a different overall feel to your pic. " Strangeness and Charm says: "I find that a good oak table can give a nice rustic feel to the photo as well."" Making this surface more ideal for homecooked meals, filters like Rise and Hefe can help enhance this rustic feel. For more Instagram worthy table top inspiration, take a look at the Furniture Markets full selection.


Prep your Table

Nobody wants a menu or your friend's phone taking up valuable room in the shot, so always prep your table first. If you're Instagramming food at home, then you're not limited by the type of table or background and can do some styling to create the perfect overall look.

Dollie Dowsie recommends using what you have around you to create the perfect backdrop, her top tip for crafting the ideal Instagram foodie picture - "use pieces of fabric, flowers, ingredients and anything else you fancy to give your picture that extra bit of prettiness."

Think about the kind of accessories which complement your table top and type of food, candles, a glass of wine and on trend copper cutlery can make all the difference.

Flatlay Overhead shots

Now you've got the perfect table and all the right props, find the best angle. One angle works best for food above all and all the bloggers agree, is has to be an overhead shot.


Beth Lodge says: "It's all about the angle and positioning when it comes to photographing food on a table - I usually opt for a flatlay taken from above."

Going to great lengths is vital to get the perfect angle so don't be afraid to stand up or move things around before you take the shot. Dollie Dowsie says: "I always take my pictures top down - which sometimes means standing on a chair to get the perfect angle!!"

So, play around and rearrange things until you get the all-important right angle. The Magpie Girl advises: "Always take a few practise shots from different angles before uploading your image to Instagram, that way you ensure you get the best from your photo."


Natural light is the Instagram goal, so if you're eating out asking for a table by the window is a must. Laura's Corner, says that "no flash or background light can help you get better pictures than natural light," so bear this in mind when eating out.



The saving grace of all Instagram pics, a good filter can take a food photo from average to incredible. Beth Lodge recommends using the use Vsco Cam app to edit images for the best filters, "I stick with the a5 filter to keep all my photos with the same 'theme'. I tend to up the brightness a lot if photographing on a dark table or if there's particularly low."

If you'd rather edit your pics using the filters on Instagram, The Friday Girl says: "Add Clarendon for cooling down images and Lark for warming them up."

Different types of filters work better depending on the type of food you're uploading so it's a good idea to play around with different ones to see which one works best. As a general rule, bold colours look better brighter, cooler tones work better with more natural hues.


So, whether you're new to Instagram or have a huge number of followers, with all these top tips at your disposal, you'll be racking up those likes in no time next time you go out for dinner.

Tips for Taking the Perfect Food Photos for Instagram at the Dining Table - The Furniture Market

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