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Whilst having kids, getting a pet, or moving in together are all huge life decisions that can really put strain on a relationship, there is one thing that really seems to test a lot of couples before all those other big hurdles - building furniture together! Doing DIY is a common activity that that can quickly lead to arguments for many couples. Assembling furniture is not only a test of each other's DIY skills, but can also be a test of each other's patience.

A data survey revealed that a quarter of couples argue when putting furniture together - showing how easy it is to get irritable when trying to follow the instructions when building flat-pack furniture.Of all the people asked, 59% of the people who said yes to arguing during the chore were female, who perhaps got frustrated with their partners taking control.. or it's likely that they might think they know best, and choose not to follow the instructions of their partner. Over a third (36%) of the people surveyed admitted that they found doing DIY stressful, with women being more likely to think so compared to men.

At The Furniture Market we decided to see just how stressed different couples got when building furniture together - by putting it to the test.

We asked three different couples to assemble a simple set of flat-pack drawers, and analysed the interaction between the couples to measure their stress levels.

They each had 30 minutes to fully assemble the drawers, and were measured against whether their interactions showed signs of:

* Incorrect assembly

* Getting frustrated

* Taking control

* Losing interest

* Not listening

* Bickering

With each pair showing several of the stressed-out signs (and none of them fully completing the task in the allocated time) it highlighted just how easy it is for couples to fall out when working together to build furniture.

With this in mind, The Furniture Market has several ways to eliminate this issue. The majority of our furniture items, including painted furniture, do not require any assembly and are delivered ready to use. On occasion, furniture may be delivered in sections for easy access into your home and requires only minor assembly. In addition to the zero or minor assembly furniture, the Gold Delivery Service is just what all couples need. You can avoid any causing any unnecessary conflict in your relationship as we'll assemble the furniture and then remove the packaging, eliminating any potential room for arguments and ensuring that your new furniture is ready to enjoy right away.. win-win!