Hallway and Landing Furniture Ideas

The landing is one of those strange areas of the house that it can be difficult to find a purpose for. It’s an open space but not really a room; even if it’s large, you must allow people to travel through it!

So what do you do with it? How do you decorate it? Can it be used as a functional space? What landing furniture can you fit in there? Landing furniture will be passed regularly, so it needs to be attractive but make practical use of the space; many of our painted hall console tables are perfect for brightening up a small, dark space while providing practical display and storage space..

If you have limited space in your home, it’s even more important that you don’t waste the extra space offered by a landing, but use it wisely—whether that’s for storage, a reading corner, a home office or a simple display area that will create a focal point in the upper part of your home.

Choosing the right landing furniture

Oak hall console tables look great on a landing area and can be used to display a seasonal floral arrangement or some ornaments and photos—and with added drawers, they make the perfect place for storing stationery and general bits and bobs.

This Cheshire Oak 2 Drawer Hall Console Table has two handy drawers, a shelf and plenty of surface space for display.

Cheshire oak 2 drawer hall console table

A bookcase also provides a perfect feature on a landing area and can be used to display your book collections, DVDs or trinkets. If there’s room, why not add a comfy armchair and create a reading nook, where you can curl up with your favourite book and relax, away from the hustle and bustle downstairs? Ideally, include a large floor lamp or side table and light next to the chair for optimum illumination—or, if the landing has a suitable window, why not create a window seat with comfy cushions or seat pads?

Landing furniture for a home office space

Your landing could also become your new office or study, providing a neat, compact workspace. Choose a desk suitable for the space, purpose and décor. If you have a large square landing, then you could opt for a corner desk with drawers and cupboards for your files and paperwork. For smaller landings, make good use of your space with our Cotswold Cream Painted Hideaway Computer Desk with Bookcase Top (also available in Cotswold Grey).

Cotswold cream painted hideaway computer desk with bookcase

This offers oodles of shelf and cupboard storage space and a built-in desk that can be hidden away when not in use.

You could also choose a fold-away desk that can be attached to a wall. Office chairs may be too bulky for landing workspaces, but painted dining chairs can be ideal; they take up less space and can often be tucked in neatly under a desk or table when not in use. Padded ones will be kinder to your bottom if you’ll be spending any length of time at your desk! This smart Westbury Blue Painted Ladder Back Dining Chair is ideal, and also available in Cheshire Cream or Downton Grey.

Westbury blue painted ladder back dining chair

For more ideas on making the best use of your landing area, take a look at our Pinterest Landing Areas board to browse our full oak furniture ranges for useful pieces.

Decorating your landing

Try where possible to keep your landing area as neutral and light as possible, as a dark colour scheme can make space look more cramped and enclosed. Plain white, soft cream and beige are perfect choices. If you do want to add colour, stay with simple pastel or earth colours such as taupe or mauve, or select a neutral patterned wallpaper. 

Landings endure a fair amount of traffic, so choose a floor covering that can stand up to it. Wooden flooring is a great choice as it is durable, easy to clean and a great match for a wide variety of interior colour schemes. Tiled or lino flooring also makes a great feature on a landing area and can be used to replicate more expensive finishes such as slate, flagstone or terracotta.

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