How to Create an Urban Jungle Interior

This spring is all about bringing some foliage and shrubbery into your home with an urban jungle interior style that is fresh and bright and creates a garden inspired ambiance even on the rainiest of spring days. With a few simple plants, colour palettes and patterns you can create an indoor garden that perfectly balances both classic country cottage styles and contemporary industrial home interiors.

The first step (and probably the simplest) is to add a selection of house plants in strategic and zoned areas of the home that will create a textural and zesty focal point within the space. The addition of natural plants, trees and foliage will create a contrasting yet complimentary look against the man made fabrics and materials of modern day homes. For a classic, period style look then use a selection of ferns, and traditional flowers such as roses for a stately style that is simple yet striking. Retro inspired interiors can be updated using a selection of umbrella and spider plants that can be placed in bold pots in the corner of the room or placed along a mantelpiece or dining table for a centralised area of colour. For a more fresh and contemporary look then take a selection of palm trees, aloe vera plants and orchids that will look wonderful in both bold and neutral interior decors.

If you’re not particularly green fingered then pick plants that require little or no maintenance and care. Cacti are the perfect plant for those who have a busy life as they can survive with very little watering and do not need to be preened or spritzed to maintain their elegant appearance. There is an astounding array of cactus species available for indoor growth, from traditional desert style cacti to more exotic flowering plants in bold and bright colours. Succulents are also a great addition to your home as they are specifically grown in areas of long term dryness and are therefore used to arid climates. The fact that they can retain a great amount of water means that they require watering very occasionally. Place these types of plants in small ceramic pots or in a collective display in a larger long or circular bowl and then place down the centre of a dining table or windowsill for a splash of visual detail.

If plants or any form of living species are simply not your thing, then you can still adopt the urban jungle trend by investing in some rich botanical inspired wallpaper that will create a bold and colourful focal point on any large feature wall or alcove area. For a jungle inspired look, select large banana leaf designs in an array of lush greens or for a more tropical feel then opt for palm print, orchids and bold colourful floral prints that are extremely eye-catching when partnered with plain furniture items and upholstery. If you prefer a more vintage inspired look then select bold and large gerbera and daisy prints in vibrant yellow and orange tones with a backdrop of green foliage that is visually striking.

You can also include some botanical inspiration with your choice of upholstery and fabrics and these can be used to create a garden inspired interior look that works particularly well in living room and conservatory areas. For a cosy and country inspired look then select deep moss and forest greens in an array of natural fabrics such as cotton and linen and create complimentary zones of colour on your curtains, cushions and rugs. For a more tropical and lustrous look then upholster a single occasional chair in a zesty lime green silken fabric and adorn with bold palm print cushions and floral curtains for a Hawaiian style interior look. If you prefer a more classic interior appearance then team a pale green upholstered sofa with green and cream floral print curtains and cushions in rose, fern and chrysanthemum prints for an elegant and refined home interior.

When furnishing your urban jungle interior select items that bring out the natural beauty of the foliage and flowers by keeping the entire interior in a natural and garden inspired state. Choose golden oak and beech items that will create a light and uplifting ambiance that is fresh and spring like or opt for darker walnut or mahogany items that will create a contrast against the bold green plants and will provide a colonial inspired finish that is refined and opulent. When using this theme in a conservatory or summer house area, choose items in golden or chocolate rattan finishes with simple cream cushions or bold lime accent tones for a home that brings the beauty of the outdoors…indoors.


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