How to Create an Exotic Home Interior

It’s that time of year again where we are promised heat waves and weeks of solid sunshine, however showers and overcast days are probably a little more accurate. While the weather may look a a little grey outside, why not add an injection of warmth and colour into your home decor with an Exotic interior look that is sure to bring some cheerful style into your chosen room.

Exotic interiors are all about colour and vibrancy. For a classic tropical or Moroccan style of interior then opt for bold floral inspired colour tones such as fuchsia, orchid and blossom and partner with jewelled hues such as turquoise, emerald and ruby for a plethora of eye-catching rainbow colours. For a more subtle eastern charm then select rich terracotta’s, reds and yellows and add metallic accents with gold and silver for a hint of palatial luxury and elegance. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colour combinations and styles to achieve your desired look, layering contrasting tones and adding clashing accent hues are part of what makes this trend so eye-catching.

Bold patterns and prints make a great addition to an exotic interior and can be tailored to your chosen style. Moroccan and Indian style patterns are intricate and delicate and look fabulous on wallpapers, bedding and rugs to create a focal point in your room. These can be displayed in bright jewelled tones or opulent metallic hues for a rich and luxurious finish. Bird prints work extremely well in an exotic themed room, select parrots, flamingos, peacocks or toucans and use these to adorn your walls, cushions and bedding for a more bold and fun interior feel.  If you prefer a more retro take on the exotic theme then select palm tree print wallpapers and upholstery in bright and vibrant colours or tone it down with deep navy and gold for a more designer inspired finish.

Exotic interiors should feature layers of soft furnishings that create visual and tactile texture in your chosen interior space. For a refined and opulent finish select a combination of rich black, navy and gold metallic fabrics and use these in unison across your curtains, upholstery, cushions and bedding. Select classic patterns such as elephants, palm fronds or birds to create a luxurious and palatial feel.

For a more vibrant and uplifting look then don’t be afraid to mix and match! Opt for a multitude of varying colours such as blue, red, yellow and green and creating areas of clashing colour with your curtains, rugs, cushions and throws. Select Moroccan and eastern inspired prints and patterns and add texture with a variation of materials such as satin and velvet or add beading, tassels and embroidery for a truly eye-catching finish.Select intricate and ornate furniture and accessories that will compliment your overall theme and design. For a bold and vibrant interior finish then select bright painted furniture that features intricate hand painted patterns or filigree style fronts. Choose accessories that will compliment the bold tones such as coloured glass, mosaic ornaments and tapestry style wall art in woven or silk fabrics. If you wish to create a more refined and classic finish, select solid wood furniture items in pale acacia or deep mahogany and select either a natural weathered finish or a sleek lacquered look.

Try to source items with unusual and detailed shapes such as hexagonal tables and ornate bed frames that will create a focal point within your chosen room. Add a selection of glazed storm lanterns or filigree style ceiling pendants for a Moroccan style design that will look fabulous grouped above a seating area, bed or dining table for a zoned area of light.

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