After a long and busy day at work, school or running around after the kids it can be quite difficult to wind down and relax. Our home environment can affect the way in which we feel and has been proven to have a profound effect on our changes of mood. Creating a stylish and elegant ZEN inspired home interior will create a tranquil and peaceful space in which to take some time out from the toils of everyday living.

To create the perfect Zen interior, select soft and calming colour schemes that will provide a restful ambiance in your chosen room. Avoid stark brilliant white and instead opt for softer more chalky white hues that can be partnered with subtle dove grey for a chic and elegant finish. Dusky pastel tones such as soft peach, mint, blue and mauve also work well alongside simple white walls and add a subtle hint of colour to your home. While black may seem like a strange choice for a Zen style interior, a monochrome colour palette gives a sleek and streamlined look that creates a calming ambiance in your chosen space.

Nature is a big part of creating a Zen ambiance as it purifies your chosen space but also adds a pop of colour in an otherwise neutral room. Simple green foliage and trees such as bonsai, palms and umbrella plants work well in large bamboo planters and look wonderful in the corner of the room or placed next to a seating area to bring the relaxation of the outdoors, indoors. Cactus and succulents also look great in a minimal Zen interior and can be placed in a sleek linear formation along a windowsill, dining table, mantelpiece or sideboard for an elegant visual detail. If you wish to create a more feminine feel then opt for indoor blossoms or Japanese maples that will give a hint of pastel colour to your home.

Natural wood and painted wood surfaces work well in creating a perfect balance of sleek and natural surface areas. Natural wooden shelving will create a subtle visual detail against a white feature wall while natural oak flooring will give a classic contrast against a light and neutral backdrop. You can mix these natural finishes with white or dove grey painted furniture for a combination of styles that work together to create a fresh and relaxing interior. Rattan style furniture will look great in a naturally serene Zen interior while bamboo screens, plant pots and woven vases will create a subtle focal point in your chosen space.

Crystals make a great addition to a Zen home interior and can be used purely for visual detail or can be selected for their various healing properties. Amethyst is a great crystal for relaxing and calming the mind, Aquamarine can be used for calming nerves and anxiety while clear quartz transmits positive energy and provides clarity of the mind. Display crystals in their raw form in clusters on sideboards or bedsides while smaller stones can be showcased in clear bowls, vases or candle holders. Combine these crystals with eastern inspired accessories such as lanterns, Buddha statues or pebbles for a classic and serene appearance.

Zen style lighting should be as subtle and calming as possible, avoid stark and bold lighting and instead opt for soft and zoned areas of illumination that will compliment the relaxed interior surroundings. Lantern style lighting works really well as the filigree style shades cast elegant shadows around the room to give a calming interior ambiance. Japanese style paper lanterns are ideal for a Zen inspired interior as they create a muted and dim style of light that works perfectly in creating a laid back ambiance in a bedroom or living room setting. Use your lighting to highlight specific areas of the room such as an alcove, above a dining table or sofa to create functional lit areas whilst still maintaining a soft and elegant finish.

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