High Back Beds vs. Standard Beds: Which Suits Your Style?

Choosing a bed these days is never a simple task, and that’s for the best of reasons—there’s so much choice! Solid frames, slats, divans, sprung bases, one drawer, four drawers, none! We have a huge range of natural oak beds and painted oak beds in various styles and sizes, but to make things easier, here we look at high back beds and standard beds to help you decide which is best for your bedroom.

What exactly is a high back bed?

High back beds come in many styles, but all have one thing in common: an especially tall headboard. So, what’s so special about a tall headboard—and why might you want a high back bed?

High back beds make a statement

Whatever other bed trends are in vogue, the high headboard style has remained popular and can be found on most styles of frame. Whether you prefer a wooden frame, wrought iron frame or even a divan style bed, there will be a high back version with a headboard that complements the design perfectly.

The extra tall headboard of these beds gives you the chance to make a style statement and complement the colours and materials in your bedroom. High back beds can have wooden headboards, plush headboards, quilted headboards, linen headboards: the choice is yours! The style and colour can be as bold or as understated as you wish. Will you choose one that matches the wall behind it, or one that contrasts, becoming a feature in its own right? 

High back beds are practical and complement high ceilings

High headboards protect the wall behind your bed. Standard headboards are often barely taller than a standard propped-up pillow, meaning that if you’re sitting up in bed, your head and shoulders may be leaning against the wall. This can mark and damage painted surfaces or wallpaper. And if your bed is freestanding, then an extra tall headboard ensures you have something to lean against as you enjoy breakfast in bed or a lie-in with a good book!

A high back bed will look great in any room, but they particularly complement the dimensions of bedrooms with high ceilings. These rooms can sometimes dwarf a standard bed, but high back beds look perfectly proportioned against a taller wall.

Wilmslow white painted 3ft single size bed

Our Wilmslow White Painted 3ft Single Size Bed, with its tall, ornate headboard and matching lower footboard, will bring a touch of elegance to a high-ceilinged room and complements country and period style bedrooms perfectly. We also stock a range of matching Wilmslow White painted oak furniture.

Standard beds: the best choice for rooms with low ceilings

As much as you may love the look of a high back bed, they can look out of place in modern homes or cottage bedrooms that have low ceilings. In these rooms, a tall headboard can take up a lot of the wall space between the bed and the ceiling, making the ceiling appear lower and the room look cramped.

So if you have a bedroom with a low ceiling, keep it simple and keep it small—opt for a standard bed, either with a small headboard or no headboard at all.

Standard beds can be more suitable for freestanding

If your bed is going to be freestanding in an average-sized bedroom (i.e., not placed against a wall), then a standard bed can be a better choice for an average size bedroom. A high back bed can look out of place in the middle of a room this size and it obscures your eyeline across the room. A high back bed only works in this context if you have a large master bedroom where your bed can be freestanding without seeming obtrusive.

Standards beds: for a laid back, more modern look

Beds with a standard headboard are usually a better choice if your bedroom’s style is more laid back and formal; in these rooms, a grand, high back bed can seem a bit of an anomaly. Standard beds are also a better choice for a more modern bedroom interior and for simpler, more minimalist looks.

So if your bedroom is a cosy haven or more Friends than Downton Abbey, choose a standard bed!

Soho curved solid oak double low foot board bed

With its simple yet sophisticated lines, our Soho Oak Solid Curved 4ft 6in Double Low Foot Board Bed is perfectly suited to a contemporary bedroom, and its pale oak finish complements neutral décor or the boldest of modern interior design styles. Looking for something different? We stock a wide range of standard beds, in sizes from 3ft to 6ft, with matching oak furniture or painted oak furniture.

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