This season is all about colour! From paint and wallpaper to soft furnishings, accessories and furniture, the interior design world is going crazy for bursts of subtle or vibrant colour that are sure to create a focal point in your interior space. COLOURED DINING CHAIRS are a perfect way of including your favourite colour in an otherwise neutral dining area, or why nor create a mix and match of colours and styles for a more fun and funky finish. Coloured dining chairs can range from revitalised vintage and traditional designs to sleek and modern shapes to create the perfect finish that suits your personal style.

Pastel colours are a great place to start for those who usually shy away from adding colour to their homes. The subtle chalky tones will create a specific area of colour without overpowering the decor of the room. Traditional wooden chairs with spindle legs work really well in pastel blue, pink and lemon colour tones and create a shabby chic style vintage charm that will update a plain white or cream interior space. For a more modern yet still retro appearance then select Perspex tub chairs with a natural oak or chrome ‘Eiffel’ style bases for an intricate and eye-catching designer finish.

If you are feeling adventurous then why not go all out with a selection of neon dining chairs that are sure to take centre stage in your dining room area. For a wild and wacky design then take a selection of wooden dining chairs and paint them in a variety of fuchsia, turquoise, lime, yellow and purple and display in a mix and match formation around a natural wood or black painted dining table. For a more sophisticated take on the neon trend then select one specific colour (fuchsia and yellow work really well) and display simple ladder back or French carved dining chairs with a white dining table for a bright and airy design or a sleek black table for a more opulent and glamorous look.

For a more cosy and inviting dining room interior then why not select some coloured upholstery that can be used to update your current seats and will create a relaxed yet stylish ambiance in which to enjoy a family dinner or party with friends. To avoid this look becoming overpowering always opt for plain upholstery in fussy interiors and patterned upholstery plain interiors. Neutral interiors will look great updated with some floral, polka dot or striped patterned upholstered dining chairs that can be displayed in soft dusky tones or bold primary colours for maximum visual impact. If your dining room features dark paint work or patterned wallpaper then select plain fuchsia, cobalt, yellow or duck egg upholstered chairs that will compliment the backdrop of the room.

If you want your coloured dining chairs to blend into the background instead of standing out, make sure that you select colours that either perfectly match or lie on the same colour spectrum as your interior decor. If you have chosen bold red, pink or lime on your feature wall for example then add the same colour to your dining chair frames or upholstery to create a universal colour scheme that is sleek and modern. Alternatively you can create an ombre style finish using tonal colours that compliment the chosen colour scheme of your room. If you have chosen Navy as your feature colour then you could select dining chairs in cobalt, royal blue, military blue or even pastel blue to create a varied yet co-ordinating look.

Don’t have a dining room? No worries! This look can also be achieved using a selection of coloured bar stools that are sure to create a pop of colour in your kitchen/diner area. If your kitchen area is traditional with wooden or cream painted cupboards then opt for soft pastel or bubblegum tones on classic wooden frames that will create a feminine vintage feel in your chosen space. If you have a white kitchen then you are spoiled for choice as both soft and neon coloured bar stools will stand out against the neutral backdrop of the room. Modern high gloss kitchens in black or grey would look fabulous with a selection of bright, modern bar stools in blue, pink or yellow and will create a social space that is stylish and functional.

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