The perfect balance of femininity and warmth; MAUVE interiors provide the perfect alternative to traditional lilac and purple colour palettes. This versatile tone will add a subtle hint of colour to your walls and furnishings whilst still maintaining a sense of freshness and light. A sophisticated alternative to more neutral creams and beige, this muted hue will create a sense of warmth and cosiness in any room of the home.

Colour palettes

Mauve looks particularly sumptuous alongside other dusky purple and grey tones such as lilac, lavender and taupe to create a rich yet subtle interior backdrop. Beige, ivory, antique white and dove grey look fresh and uplifting alongside mauve colour hues and create and work particularly well in creating a traditional and shabby chic style finish. For a more contemporary colour combination then pair your mauve colour choice with rich chocolate or sleek black for a contrasting yet complimentary partnership.


Mauve is a fabulous colour choice for your fabrics as it works extremely well in a vast range of materials and finishes. Silky satin and opulent velvet will give a splash of period opulence and style while suede and wool will give a more classic and slightly rustic feel to your interior space. Mauve cushions in a range of patterns and sizes look wonderful scattered across a bed or seating area and can be partnered with regal blues, crisp cream or glistening silver for a range of looks and textures. Heavy and shimmering mauve curtains can be accentuated with a gold or silver metallic pattern for added luxury and detail. If you like a country cottage theme in your living room or bedroom area then thick tweed and woollen throws in plaid and herringbone patterns will add a sense of warmth and cosiness to your home interior.


Colourful upholstery on a chair, stool or pouffe is a great way of adding a splash of visual tone to your current interior without the need for a full interior redecoration.  Mauve upholstery will provide a subtle hint of colour that looks fabulous in rich and opulent fabric choices. An eye-catching French occasional chair or chaise lounge will look wonderful wrapped in soft mauve velvet and can be complemented with a glistening silver or white painted frame. For a more fresh and contemporary feel then select a sleek chrome stool with a soft mauve seat pad that can be used to create warmth and femininity against the cold masculine edges.


Mauve coloured accessories are extremely versatile as they compliment a vast range of furniture styles from rustic oak to sleek black French designs. Smokey mauve glassware makes a stylish addition to any mantle piece, sideboard or dresser and will perfectly compliment a bold or neutral interior backdrop. Mauve crockery will look fabulous on a chic white painted dining table and can be partnered with floral placemats and coasters for a shabby chic style finish. Picture frames and mirrors in muted mauve hues will provide soft and subtle focal points on a plain painted feature wall and can be displayed in complimentary deep or light tonal combinations for a more varied scattering of colour.


Due to its versatile dusky finish, mauve interior decors can be furnished with a wide range of furniture styles and finishes to create both rustic and palatial interior finishes. Traditional oak furniture is a popular choice to place alongside a mauve painted backdrop as it creates a golden, warming effect that compliments the soft tones of the room. For a shabby chic style look then white painted furniture will create a bright and feminine balance of colour that is perfect for smaller home interiors. Walnut and mahogany designs will create a more sophisticated and masculine finish that contrasts perfectly with the delicate purple interior tones. Or for some all out glamour with a hint of period opulence then choose a selection of black painted items that will provide a sense of flamboyant opulence without creating an overpowering or overly dramatic ambiance in your chosen room.

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