Warm and cosy earthen hues are set to be big players in interior design for 2019. These colours are easy on the eye and make a great addition to both contemporary and traditional homes. HONEYCOMB is a perfect choice for any room of the home as its rich caramel like tones will create a bright and elegant ambiance within your interior. This colour is perfect for creating an all-around feeling of cheerfulness and sophistication and can also be used as an accent tone to create pops of colour around your interior spaces.

Honeycomb is a bold yet warming colour palette that can be paired with a wide variety of colour choices to create your perfect interior design. For a simple and traditional interior look then team honeycomb with an antique white or soft cream colour palette for a chic and cosy look that can be accentuated with a classic baroque patterned wallpaper. If you prefer a more vintage inspired interior design then why not opt for a honeycomb, orange and grey colour palette that is chic yet striking and will look amazing partnered with a bold honeycomb or geometric patterned wallpaper that will create a focal point within the room. For a more eastern inspired interior look then partner honeycomb with jewelled tones such as emerald, turquoise and fuchsia and team with a metallic patterned wallpaper for added opulence and luxury.

When selecting soft furnishings for your chosen room then honeycomb will make a great choice as its simple and natural colour tone is versatile yet eye-catching. For a more traditional period style of interior design then opt for some honeycomb coloured velvet curtains that can be accentuated with a gold curtain pole and tie backs and partner with some satin and velvet cushions featuring button detailing, tassels and embroidery that are sure to create an opulent and cosy space within you home interior. If you love retro styles of interior design then why not upholster a vintage sofa and chair in an eye-catching honeycomb cotton fabric and include some bold geometric print cushions, throws and a large central rug that is sure to create a centrepiece within the room.

Classic oak furniture is an obvious choice when it comes to furnishing a honeycomb interior space. The warm golden tones are a perfect partner to the smooth honey hues and will create a classic rural charm in any room of the home. For a more light and fresh interior design then you could select some white or cream painted furniture items that will contrast yet compliment the honeycomb backdrop and is sure to create an elegance within your chosen room. Gold accessories are a key feature of highlighting this colour scheme. Include some gold ceiling lights, lamps, vases and ornaments in specific zones around the room to reflect the light and create a complimentary finish to your chosen space.

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