British Racing Green Interior Design

British racing green is a distinctive green tone that’s instantly recognisable. Famous for its use on high-performance racing cars, it looks just as good in your home interior. 

The British racing green colour is a deep, rich tone that will make a statement in any room of the home. This colour classic has a history that means it works particularly well in period or regal style interiors, but it can also be incorporated into country style and modern homes for a colourful yet sophisticated look.

British racing green colour palettes

British racing green looks particularly great alongside botanical and forest tones such as sage, lime green, olive or lemon, creating a rich, fresh tonal interior. This colour choice also works well with cosy red, beige and black for a country-style or highland inspired theme.

For a softer feel, use your British green racing colour alongside dusky pastel tones for a quintessential British garden vibe. If you prefer a more contemporary retro style, then partner racing green with mustard, or cream and chartreuse for a look that’s striking yet refined.

Cushions to complement British racing green colour

For a simple yet eye-catching look, place plain racing green colour cushions alongside striped cream and green designs that will suit both modern and traditional style lounges, studies and nooks. Tartan and houndstooth patterns also work incredibly well with British racing green décor, creating a sophisticated manor house ambience, while floral prints in racing green, sage green and pastel tones and classic flower designs create a softer look.

British racing green colour décor can also be brought bang up to date by choosing cushions with simple white and racing green geometric patterns, such as squares or chevrons, creating maximum visual impact.

Upholstery to partner with British racing green

Coloured upholstery has become increasingly popular, with people finally moving away from neutral creams and soft whites in favour of bolder or richer coloured fabrics. These can be used to create zoned areas or focal points in any room. Why not take a look at our range of upholstered furniture to pick pieces that match your style?

Plaid fabrics in racing green, cream and brown will look amazing on single armchairs, oak dining chairs or sofas, and will create a cosy and inviting space in which to relax. For a more opulent take on this colour choice, why not choose a gold-framed dressing table chair upholstered in racing green—and partnered with a gold-painted dressing table for added luxury? This is ideal for period style rooms.

If you’ve opted for British racing green colour on most or all of your walls, then strike a contrast with upholstered furniture in neutral tones, such as our Chatsworth Natural Fabric Button Upholstered Armchair or dining chairs in a natural or oatmeal shade.

Accessories for your racing green colour room

White accessories create contrast against a racing green backdrop and will provide a focal point within your interior space. Opt for white ceramic vases and ornaments or painted photo frames and mirrors for a light, bright finish. For a more rich, stately look, then choose black accessories. This bold design statement works extremely well in living rooms and dining rooms. 

To give your room or hallway a retro finish, what about using British racing green metal light fittings? These can be used singly or in groups, and look great used in formation lighting above a dining table, kitchen island or pool table.

Furnishing your racing green room

British racing green can be partnered with a wide variety of furniture designs. The pieces you choose will depend on your taste and the style you want to achieve. 

Black painted furniture is ideal for a dark and rich finish that matches the motoring roots of the British racing green colour. But if you prefer a cosier, lighter look, then white or cream painted furniture will create contrast and brighten the room. Our Wilmslow White painted furniture range has everything from beds to this elegant Wilmslow White Painted Dining Chair; ideal furniture for a racing green room.

Wilmslow White Painted Dining Chair

Country cottage or period styles can be complemented by the right choice of oak furniture, and for a touch of French-style glamour, choose a statement furniture piece or two, with intricate carving or gold leaf to create a shimmering focal point.

For more ideas on using British racing green colour in your home, take a look at our British Racing Green Colour Trend Pinterest board. Once you’re ready to create your new British Racing Green room, choose your matching pieces from our furniture ranges

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