5 Best Home Hacks

The world of social media is currently going crazy for tips and tricks that are more commonly known as ‘Life Hacks’. Everyday people have chosen to share their ideas on simple and cost effective ways to make everyday chores, storage, travel and general day to day tasks that little bit simpler. These tips can be applied to all walks of life but today we are concentrating on some simple ideas that will help make your home neater, more stylish and organised so you can sit back and relax.

Bathroom Storage

If you have a small bathroom area or limited worktop space then take a look at this clever idea that will provide you with plentiful storage and can be achieved in a few cheap and simple steps. Take a plank of wood in a length that fits on you chosen wall (one near or above the sink works really well). This wood can be painted with your choice of paint to co-ordinate with your room and then sealed with varnish to prevent water damage. Next take a section of adjustable metal ties (these look like cable ties and can be found in most DIY stores) and attach them to the wood at spaced intervals using screws for maximum strength. Next take a selection of mason jars (these can be clear or coloured) and place the neck of each jar through the metal tie and secure well to ensure the jars cannot slip through. Hey Presto! You now have a storage area for your toothbrushes, razors, make up brushes and general accessories. The jars can be removed for cleaning by loosening the metal ties and re-securing when finished.

TV Frames

While our home technology is getting more advanced unfortunately it is also getting larger! While Widescreen TVs are now more slim-line that ever they are also becoming larger in width with many of us now opting for screens that are 50 inches or larger in size. While there is nothing wrong with housing these items in traditional ways such as on a TV stand or mounted on a wall, they can look a little ugly and out of place when displayed  in a nicely styled and elegant living room area. The solution to this problem can be provided by disguising your TV as a picture where it can be displayed proudly on a wall without looking unsightly. Simply select a picture frame in a size that will fit around your TV in a style that suits your home such as solid oak, mirrored or painted designs then mount the frame around your TV screen. Any wires can be drilled through the wall or secured with tape or tubing for a neat and elegant finish.

Wall Sticker Illusions

If you have a small hallway area or an alcove space that looks a little unloved then you can add a splash of glamour to that space with a wall mural or sticker that gives the illusion of furnishing your home without taking up any space. Hand paint, stencil or apply a wall sticker in the shape of a stylish hall table in black paint on a neutral wall or white paint on a deep or bold painted wall. This amazing illusion will give a chic and stylish finish in a small entrance hall and creates a visual focal point where it would normally be impossible. This can also be done using a chandelier mural or sticker placed at the top of an alcove or above a sofa or bed for the illusion of a central pendant light that works particularly well in rooms with wall mounted or spot lighting.

Drawer Shelving

Before you throw out any old chests of drawers or bedside cabinets, think about reusing the drawers as shelving for your small ornaments and accessories. Take the drawers and if you wish, remove the handles to create a smooth and even edging around the drawer. You can leave the drawers in their current finish or paint them using a light or dark wood paint, metallic spray or even add some wallpaper to what would have been the base of the drawer for an eye-catching patterned finish. Next take the drawers and secure then to your chosen wall, you can display them in a linear formation, a cube design or mix and match drawers of varying sizes for a unique gallery style wall. Place a selection of small ornaments, photos or even books on the shelving for a unique up-cycled display area.

Dressing Room Storage

If you are anything like me then your dressing table area is far from neat and tidy! Between hair products, styling accessories, make-up products and perfume there just doesn’t seem like enough space to create a neat and stylish pamper area. Well think again! You can create a wall mounted storage area that is perfect for organising your items in an easy to access location that doesn’t take up much room. For a cute and girly finish then take a small array of gift bags in your chosen colour scheme (chic black and Tiffany blue work really well) and attach them to a large framed memo board that can be hung above or near your dressing table area. Use these bags to house your make-up brushes, sunglasses, jewellery or even your stationary and notepads if you also use your dressing table as a desk for work or study. This will free up your table are for larger items and will create a neat and stylish finish in your interior space.

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