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Amorous Furniture: What's the Best Furniture for Sex?

Imagine the following scenario: it's Valentine's Day, you've had a romantic meal, maybe taken in a film - perhaps the latest in the 50 Shades of Grey series to set the mood - the date night couldn't be going any better. We can all agree, the chances are you're going to get lucky!

It's also an opportunity for couples to spice things up and maybe live out their own 50 Shades-style fantasies by taking things outside the bedroom. With this in mind, we at The Furniture Market got to thinking what alternative furniture would be the best option for some sexy-time; of course, this meant we needed to do some research - ahem, not like that.

More Sex Please! We're British!

What better way to get some honest answers, than to ask the Great British public about their preferred alternative to a bed? We polled 500 individuals to get a clearer idea of what the situation is and we found out that we're quite the adventurous bunch, with certain areas of the country apparently more lustful than others.

Great Sex-pectations: The Results

Firstly, we simply wanted to know which furniture people felt was the best for sex. Interestingly, a huge majority turned to the sofa for a little adult cuddling, with the comfort of an armchair being another popular option. A few wildcards thrown into the mix were a chest of drawers, and of all things, a wine rack - you'd guess here that wine was also perhaps consumed before this could be logistically possible! See our results in full below:

After this we then looked at the regional variations and uncovered where the higher concentrations of randy revellers dwell. Aberdeen was shown to have one of the more sizeable amounts of people looking for a little slap and tickle on furniture other than beds. People in Wolverhampton it appears also tend to go full 50 Shades, with nearly half of those surveyed admitting they've tied their partner to a piece of furniture while getting down to business. Find out more in the graphic below:

We also got a little more inquisitive ourselves and took it a step further with our survey by asking those polled about some of the strangest furniture people they'd sought some sexual healing. From a giant wooden xylophone (we don't know either), to stepladders and rocking horses, check out the full list below.

Have you got any other examples of non-bed-based rumpy-pumpy? Be sure to let us know!

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