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Why is Oak Furniture So Popular?

There have been times over the past few decades where oak furniture has seemed to slip out of fashion. With the introduction of painted, high gloss and glass furniture designs, many people deemed oak furniture to be out dated and somewhat old fashioned. However in recent years oak furniture has made a massive comeback with a vast range of styles and designs adorning even the most contemporary designer interiors. So why has oak furniture become so popular in the UK?

Wood you believe it?

When it comes to creating an eye-catching interior setting; appearance is everything! Choosing a furniture style that appeals to a wide range of tastes can often be a difficult task, however oak furniture seems to provide a neutral and natural quality that gives it mass magnetism and allure. The versatility of oak allows it to be both warm and rich, and light and uplifting simultaneously, providing a sophisticated and contemporary feel in any room of your home.

As well as its lustrous exterior beauty, oak furniture has become a popular furniture choice due to its robust and hardwearing nature. With its hard and tight knit grain it provides strength and durability which enables it to be carved and structured into simple or intricate designs without the fear of weakness or damage. This strong and tough characteristic makes oak furniture the perfect choice for families with younger children and is also ideal for high traffic areas of the home such as dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms.

Coffee tables, dining tables and desks that would normally begin to deteriorate rapidly when made from softer, cheaper wood seem to last a lifetime when crafted from solid oak due to its hardened nature and its ability to be easily refreshed and repaired if damaged.

When it comes to the popularity of unfinished wooden furniture, untreated oak is second only to pine but provides a far higher quality and solidly structured design that its competitor. Its porous surface and sumptuous surface grain make it ideally suited to staining and varnishing and provides a luxurious finish that is both texturally and visually appealing.

Finally, the popularity of oak has seemed to increase alongside the rise of longer working hours and busy everyday lifestyles. Our hectic lives have brought about the need for simple and time saving home interiors that can be cleaned and cared for with the minimal effort and exertion. One of the main benefits of oak furniture is its low maintenance nature that keeps it looking bright and fresh with the least amount of care. A simple dust with a soft cloth every few days and a buff of wax or oil every 6 months will keep your oak furniture looking like new and your interior feeling bright and uplifting everyday of the week.

For me the ultimate appeal of oak furniture comes from its timeless nature and appearance. Its illuminating exterior and delicate grain is an unchanging feature that transcends the changes of time and simultaneously fits into both opulent historic and minimal contemporary style interiors. This gives oak furniture a visual longevity and a fabulous sense of value that will transfer throughout the different periods of your life and the ever changing styles of your home.

Alicia Newman

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