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Top Tips To Maintain Oak Furniture

Oak is incredibly versatile and suits a wide variety of styles, from a rustic country cottage or character home to newer, more contemporary homes. Whether youíre buying furniture for your new home, or revamping your existing home, oak furniture is a real investment that is not only durable but simply refuses to go out of style. Your oak furniture can last you a life time, so to keep it in top notch condition and always looking stunning in the years to come, it will need some occasional, simple maintenance. Here are our top ten tips to keeping your oak furniture as good as new.

Condition the Wood

The best possible tip to keep your oak furniture looking fantastic now and in the future is to treat the wood as soon as it arrives in your home. By treating the wood with oil or wax you are conditioning the wood and creating a protective seal from stains, cracks and infestations.

Regularly wax

After your first treatment, you should aim to repeat the process every two to three months after purchase. By treating the furniture with a wax or oil you are nourishing and protecting the wood. You will need to do this more frequently in the first few years, reducing to a couple of times a year, latterly.

Keep it clean

Oak furniture doesn't need much maintenance beyond waxing and conditioning every so often. However, regular dusting and polishing can prevent against destructive dust particles and keep your furniture looking fantastic throughout the year.

Only use natural wax and oils

Avoid using abrasive or chemical-based domestic cleaning products, as these will damage the finish and surface of the wood. Lemon oil or natural beeswax are the best products to use to when buffing your oak furniture.

Avoid water

Water and moisture can cause damage to your oak furniture can cause damage to your oak furniture, and while this can be repaired, prevention is always better than the cure. Never use a damp cloth to clean the furniture.

Use coasters

Using coaster and table mats on coffee and dining tables will prevent against damage from damp glasses or mugs as well as food and drink spillages. In addition, hot items can also cause damage to the finish or surface of the oak, so only place hot items on a mat or board rather than directly onto the surface itself.

Avoid sunlight

To prevent cracking and discolouring, avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight. Bright sunlight can cause the warm colour of your furniture to fade as well as dry out the wood which may cause it to split or crack.

Mop up spills

In the event of a spillage from a glass or vase then the best advice is to absorb the puddle of water by blotting up the liquid. Always wipe up any excess moisture in the direction of the grain to prevent water getting into the wood.

Avoid radiators/vents

While oak is very durable, itís recommended not to place it near a radiator, air conditioning vent or anywhere else that experiences extremes of temperatures. Again, this can cause the wood to dry out, crack or discolour.

Rotate vases and ornaments

To avoid fading or discolouring in patches of the wood, it might be worth rotating items such as large vases or any other ornaments. This prevents against inconsistencies in the colour of the wood.

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