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  1. Vertical Gardens

    This year is all about the VERTICAL GARDEN which allows us to bring a little piece of our outdoor spaces indoors; creating life and colour in any room of the home. These little indoor gardens are not only pretty to look at but can also be functional as they oxygenate the air and can also provide us with aromatic scents...
  2. Christmas Gifts for the Home

    We all seem to opt for the same Christmas presents every year. Slippers for granddad, perfume for mum, chocolates for auntie and sometimes our choices can seem a little repetitive. Why not break tradition this year and buy your friends and family members a household gift that will become a treasured feature in their home interior. With a wide range...
  3. Colour Trend - Aloe

    Sometimes our interiors can look a little sterile, lacking in character and detached from the beauty of the natural world. Botanical inspired home decor has become hugely popular in 2016 as it allows us to bring the outside, inside for a fresh and uplifting ambiance. ALOE green is a favoured colour choice due to its rich yet bright finish that...
  4. How to Create an Eco Friendly Interior

    We are all trying to be a little more resourceful and kind to the environment. With many headlines outlining the importance of looking after the world we live in, using sustainable materials and recycling items within our home has become a talking point for homeowners and builders. There are a variety of ways in which you can create an ‘eco...
  5. 5 Best Garden Inspired Home Accessories

    With all the fabulous sun we have been enjoying these past few weeks its no surprise that we have all headed outside to enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful floral surroundings of the garden. However knowing the good old British weather, it wont be long before we all have to head back inside to avoid the rain. If you...

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