The  Cheshire Oak Triple Wardrobe is a large and spacious furniture item that will create a striking focal point in a wide variety of bedroom and dressing room interiors. The roomy dimensions are perfect for couples or individuals who have an extensive clothing collection and it is sure to make a statement in any master bedroom interior. This wardrobe design perfectly marries traditional and modern design features to give an elegant and sophisticated design.

Crafted from the highest quality, solid North American oak, oak veneers and solid pine for the drawer linings, this wardrobe not only has a wonderful light gold finish but is tough and durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. The exterior has been lovingly hand waxed to ensure the protection of the wood and to bring out the texture of the natural grain. The item features a simple straight edged design with a plinth top and rectangular panelling which means that this item can be accommodated into both modern and classic bedroom areas.

The main body of the wardrobe features three large drawers with bronzed metal knobs that enclose a spacious triple hanging space; perfect for housing a large collection of clothes, coats and jackets in one central space that is easy to view and organise. This wardrobe also features two additional floor level drawers with antique style swing handles that are perfectly sized to house any small accessories, shoes or bags to ensure that your home remains neat and clutter free.

Why not partner this wardrobe with a matching Cheshire Oak 2 Over 3 Drawer Chest that will provide you with additional storage space within your bedroom area. Crafted from the same high quality solid oak, oak veneers and solid pine; this chest of drawers is strong and sturdy to prevent damage from the daily movement of opening and closing.

The top of the chest of drawers features a plinth like area that is perfect for displaying a lamp, vase or ornament collection, creating a focal point against a painted or wallpapered feature wall. The main body of the chest features two small upper drawers that are ideally sized for the storage of any small personal items, stationary or make-up while the three larger drawers provide ample space for any small clothing items, paperwork and accessories in one neat and organised storage area. The drawers are finished with antique style swing handles that give a modern, country cottage look to the item.

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