For me there is nothing better than a long and relaxing soak in the bath after a long and busy day, or the satisfaction of having an invigorating shower before you head off to work in the morning. While bathrooms need to be a functional room with practical accessories and decor, there is no reason that this practicality cannot be combined with opulence and luxury for a refined designer look that will create a boutique hotel feel in your bathroom interior.

A simple way to create a sleek and sophisticated bathroom setting is with a chic monochrome colour palette. This classic colour combination works extremely well with both silver and gold accessories to give a luxurious finish that is palatial yet modern. Opt for contrasting colours on your walls and floor or chose an alternating chequerboard effect for a more visually eye-catching finish. Opt for sleek white baths, sinks and toilets with black granite worktops for a stylish and elegant appearance. Select statement taps in black, silver or gold or add a set of his and hers black or gold sinks for a rich and opulent finish.

Period style bathrooms are hot on trend this season and no-one does bathrooms quite as well as the Victorians! Their need for flamboyant accessories and bold finishes created bathroom interiors that were dripping in finery and embellishments. The obvious choice for a Victorian inspired bathroom is a freestanding bath. Opt for roll top or tub style designs and add lion claw or scroll style chrome or gold feet for a striking visual finish. Use soft grey colour tones for a refined take on the look or opt for bolder greens or blues for a more colourful design. Include sinks with exposed copper pipe work and vintage radiators and finish with ornate Venetian style mirrors for a stylish and illuminating feature wall.

Spa Getaway
If you love the relaxed and laid back feel of a spa hotel then why not recreate this Zen look in your own home. For this look keep your colour palette as soft and serene as possible with crisp white, grey, aqua, mint and peach. Use an oval ‘egg ‘ style white bath or a large square sunken bath with Jacuzzi jets for the ultimate in relaxation and add natural wooden accents on your bath panels, flooring or vanity units. Use dimmable spotlights, candles and mood lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for a pampering and add plenty of indoor plants in large planters or window boxes for a chic and elegant look that oozes natural beauty.


Metallic home decor is another huge trend this season and this had certainly made its way into the world of luxury bathrooms. For an opulent vintage style look then select a freestanding copper or chrome bath that will take pride of place in the centre of a bathroom interior. Create a vanity unit with chrome, copper or mirrored finishes and handles and add a selection of taps and shower heads in co-ordinating metallic finishes. If you love all out glamour in your bathroom then why not opt for a selection of metallic tiles or cladding that is sure to create a striking finish on your walls or flooring.


Stylish Showers
If you prefer a shower to a bath or are looking to update a separate shower room then there is no need to miss out on luxury finishes. If your room is big enough then splash out on a walk in shower with wall and ceiling jets to give you the ultimate shower experience that will leave you feeling fresh and invigorated. For smaller rooms fit a large waterfall shower head in your shower cubicle for a modern designer finish. Include an internal shower speaker that can be linked to your mp3 player or phone to play your favourite tunes so you can enjoy some shower time karaoke. Co-ordinate all of your wall and floor tiles to create a universal finish or contrast your walls and floor for a more varied colour palette.

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