It’s the New year and we all seem to be in search of the ‘new me’. Whether its dry January, Veganuary or taking out a new gym membership; its seems like everyone is trying to find a little inner wellbeing to get them into 2019. Why not follow the trend with your homes this season by creating some INTERIOR WELLNESS that is sure to provide some calm and tranquillity away from the outside world.

Key Colours: White, grey, pastels and blush

Key Fabrics: Cotton, Linen and Rattan

Key Accessories: Mood lighting, candles and lanterns

Creating a feeling of wellness in your home interiors is all about adding muted colours and relaxing tones to your chosen room. A simple crisp white interior provides a great base with which you can add or layer colours as you wish. Alternatively, for a more cosy and relaxed ambiance you could opt for some muted grey colour palettes that are hot on trend this season. When selecting accent colours for your chosen room stick to soft and relaxing hues such as pastel blue, mint and lilac or add some elegant blush tones for a pop of femininity. If you wish to include a wallpaper on a main feature wall then you could select some simple textural wallpapers in white and grey with small geometric patterns, suede, stripes or natural and botanical patterns that will catch the eye but not distract from the calmness of the room.

The choice and layout of your furniture will be key in creating a space that is functional but not too overcrowded. For a modern spa inspired design then some white high gloss furniture items will be sure to create a sense of light and tranquillity in your chosen room and can be fitted to the exact dimensions of the room for a sleek and linear formation. Clear glass furniture items are also perfect for creating an illusion of space and invisibility and look wonderful matched with mirrored or chrome items for an added streamlined effect. If you wish to take a more natural route then some walnut or rattan style furniture items will create a relaxed warmth and natural beauty that works particularly well in bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms.

Accessories add a great finishing touch but should not be an overpowering feature of this interior trend instead opt for a few simple items that can be displayed at key points around the room. Opt for cotton and linen cushions in co-ordinating muted tones that will create a welcoming feel on a sofa or bed.  Mood lighting such as dimmable spotlights or lamps are great for adjusting the amount of light that is required to make you chilled and relaxed after a long and busy day. Candles and lanterns can also have the same effect and cna be placed in strategic positions in a window, along a sideboard or surrounding your bath for a true spa inspired experience. You can also include some small clear glass vases or some rattan planters that can be used to add some foliage to your room.

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