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colour trend

  1. Colour Trend - Coral

    This spring is all about fresh and illuminating colour tones that will create a bright and uplifting ambiance within the home. With the weather finally beginning to brighten up, its time to inject a breath of fresh air into your interiors with an illuminating CORAL colour scheme that is feminine and elegant. Coral coloured interiors create a serene and floral...
  2. Colour Trend - Mauve

    The perfect balance of femininity and warmth; MAUVE interiors provide the perfect alternative to traditional lilac and purple colour palettes. This versatile tone will add a subtle hint of colour to your walls and furnishings whilst still maintaining a sense of freshness and light. A sophisticated alternative to more neutral creams and beige, this muted hue will create a sense...
  3. Colour Trend - Salmon Pink

    There is nothing fishy about the latest SALMON PINK interior colour trend! This soft and sumptuous colour tone is sophisticated and stylish and will add a chic and boutique feel to both classic and modern interior designs. This dusky colour hue can be partnered with bold and dramatic interior styles as well as soft and feminine furnishings to create a...
  4. Colour Trend - Clementine

    This time of year is all about a splash of festive colour and cheer, so why not spice up your home with a dash of CLEMENTINE orange that is sure to create a focal point within your room. This classic and traditional orange colour scheme can be perfectly accommodated into both modern and traditional homes and is perfect for creating...
  5. Colour Trend - Wicker

    This year has been all about neutral colour schemes that create a cosy and welcoming ambiance within your home interior. WICKER is an elegant colour choice that will look amazing in both modern and traditional home interiors. This soft caramel coloured hue will create a light and inviting feel in any room of the home and can be partnered with...
  6. Colour Trend - Mocha

    Natural and elegant colour tones are a timeless colour choice for a wide variety of interior designs. They are simple and elegant and can be paired with many different bold and neutral colour palettes. This autumn has seen the return of one of the interior design worlds most beloved colour choices: MOCHA. This soft and chic brown hue works wonderfully...
  7. Colour Trend - Raspberry Ripple

    Summer may be over but that's no reason to put away the sunshine inspired colour schemes that create a mouth watering finish in our home interiors. Why not take inspiration from your favourite ice cream with a RASPBERRY RIPPLE interior colour scheme. This raspberry pink/red hue will look wonderful in a wide variety of modern and traditional home interiors and...
  8. Colour Trend - Parchment

    Neutral interior colour schemes are a perfect choice for those who shy away from bolder or brighter colour palettes. They are a simple choice for any interior as they can be used across both classic and contemporary interior designs. This autumn winter season PARCHMENT is the perfect colour choice for any room of the home as it creates a cosy...
  9. Colour Trend - Hurricane Grey

    While it may seem like the summer season should be filled with bright yellow, orange and tropical tones, sometimes it's nice to opt for a more muted and classic finish that will co-ordinate with a wide variety of colour palettes. HURRICANE GREY is one of the hottest colour choices as we move through the summer season into the autumn and...
  10. Colour Trend - Byzantine Blue

    The Byzantine Empire or Eastern Roman Empire held its capital in Constantinople (Istanbul). It survived the fall of the Western Roman Empire and continued to thrive until it fell to the Ottoman Turks in 1453. The decor and antiquities during this time included bright and fresh BYZANTINE BLUE ceramics, mosaics and fabrics that still provide a perfect colour palette for...

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