I’m a firm believer that every room of the home should be given the love and attention it deserves however sometimes it can feel like our bathrooms are a little neglected; favouring practical elements over style and interior flair. This year however, is looking to change the habit with the introduction of BOLD BLACK BATHROOMS that create a punch of interior luxury and elegance within your home. This look is not for the faint hearted but when done properly can create a designer style impact that perfectly blends style with functionality.

Don’t be afraid of tackling this look, while black may seem like a daunting colour choice it does not have to be included head to toe across all your bathroom items. This look has three approaches; a black backdrop, black accents or…all out black!

If you prefer a black backdrop as your favoured choice, then begin by selecting your choice of wall and floor coverings. For a classic period style elegance in your room opt for black tiles in an elegant marble effect detailing or more bold brick effect designs that can be used to create a zoned area around a bath or shower and can be brought along the floor for a co-ordinated interior finish. If you prefer a more contemporary style of bathroom interior, then opt for black glossy mermaid boards and rubber flooring with black and glittered surface area for some added glitz and glamour.

If you would rather create impact with bold utilities and accessories then opt for a bold black roll top bath that will take centre stage within your room and create an elegant Victorian charm within your bathroom interior. Alternatively opt for a matt black shower cubicle with a black tinted glass door and pewter coloured shower attachments that are sure to create a zoned area of rich and deep colour within your room. Team with a black marble sink and worktop area that can be adorned with pewter taps and accessories to create a classic and elegant style within the room. Make sure you include lots of plain black fluffy towels on rails or folded neatly on some black or pewter shelving.

Feeling brave? Then why not create a fully black bathroom that includes varying patterns, prints and textures to break up the interior look. If you’ve opted for patterned tiles or mermaid board then ensure that your bath, shower, toilet and sing are all plain and include some contrasting finishes such as gold or silver taps and accessories. If you have opted for a plain backdrop then concentrate your pattern to your internal shower tiles, a border of tiles around the bath or a patterned worktop and include a selection of bold patterned towels featuring classic baroque style patterns or bold geometric prints for a more modern interior look. Opt for pewter of matt black taps, shower heads and accessories that will tie together the entire look.

For more ideas on creating a bold black bathroom in your home interior, take a look at this week’s latest Pinterest board - Pinterest - Bold Black Bathrooms.