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Oak Dressers | Welsh Dressers | Painted Dressers

The Welsh dresser is a standout amongst the most all around adored and generally accessible units for putting away cutlery, table cloth and earthenware. Customarily a Welsh dresser components a sideboard style base with organizers and drawers and either open retires or coated cabinets above. This gives awesome capacity and presentation alternatives for your whole gathering of cutlery, ceramics and even your best china. Our divider units and dressers are all produced using premium evaluation hardwoods, for example, oak and mango and are accessible in a gigantic mixture of styles and completions. Generally, a Welsh dresser is characterized as a bit of wooden furniture comprising of a standard base of drawers and cabinets with open racking above. The conventional Welsh dresser was produced in England amid the Jacobean time and was then most regularly made of oak. Otherwise called a kitchen dresser or pewter cabinet, in America this thing of furniture is generally known as a China Hutch and comes in a wide range of styles and structures. Initially an absolutely utilitarian thing – utilized for putting away ceramics and get ready sustenance, the Welsh Dresser is currently all the more frequently utilized as a blend of presentation unit and capacity arrangement. The upper racks are perfect for flaunting the best china whilst some other things can be cleaned away effectively into the base of the dresser. The most well known material used to make any unsupported kitchen furniture is wood, and hardwoods, for example, oak beat less expensive softwoods like pine in quality, toughness and nature of grain and appearance. Because of the regularly generous size of Welsh Dressers, it's essential to put resources into something that is as shocking as it is roomy. Strong oak gives itself well to any inside and will supplement an assortment of diverse stylistic layouts. Accessible in a mixture of completions, from normally hand-waxed to painted, hardwood created dressers are the best decision if life span of utilization and of style is critical to you. The style of the Welsh dresser has been adjusted and changed in every single diverse route subsequent to the first outline. Most commonly found in a conventional, rural style, we stock contemporary dressers with smooth lines and brushed metal handles, Japanese motivated striking bow topped dressers and a plenty of different styles, running from super easy to wonderfully resplendent. It might be a fantastic thing, however there's a dresser accessible for each style of living space, customary or advanced. Do you frequently observe that you are coming up short on space to put things? Put resources into a strong oak divider unit and take care of the stockpiling issues in your home. A divider unit gives a lot of helpful stockpiling as well as it can make an element divider and supplement different things in the room. Our whole scope of divider units are produced using premium evaluation strong hardwood, made utilizing customary, time-respected routines. There's a style to suit each living space, from ultra-cutting edge to traditionally customary. Every piece is done with wax to upgrade the grain and produce an eye-getting characteristic brillianc

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Chester Grey Painted Medium Dresser + Medium 2 Drawer Sideboard

Typical RRP: 580.00
Price: 399.00
Cotswold Cream Painted Medium Dresser + 2 Drawer 2 Door Sideboard


Typical RRP: 550.00
Price: 399.00
Rustic Oak 2 Door Glazed Dresser

Typical RRP: 872.00
Price: 499.00
Cheshire Oak 2 Door Glazed Dresser Sideboard

Typical RRP: 1,109.00
Price: 529.00
London Solid Oak Glazed Dresser

Typical RRP: 918.00
Price: 529.00
Chester Grey Painted Large Glazed Dresser with Baskets


Typical RRP: 867.00
Price: 579.00
Cotswold Cream Painted Oak Large Glazed Dresser with Baskets

Typical RRP: 867.00
Price: 579.00
Chester Grey Painted Large Glazed Dresser + 3 Door 3 Drawer Sideboard

Typical RRP: 629.00
Price: 599.00
Cotswold Cream Painted Oak Large Glazed Dresser + Sideboard

Typical RRP: 867.00
Price: 599.00
London Solid Oak Large Dresser

Typical RRP: 1,029.00
Price: 629.00
Hereford Rustic Oak Large Glazed Dresser Sideboard

Typical RRP: 839.00
Price: 649.00
Rustic Oak Large Glazed Dresser and Sideboard


Typical RRP: 1,109.00
Price: 649.00
French Regal Oak Large Glazed Dresser

Typical RRP: 1,647.00
Price: 1,149.00
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