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French Mirrors

In Venice in the 16th century designers, using a tin and mercury combination on glass, came up with the first mass produced mirror. This was followed by the Saint Gobain factory in France while Germany also got in on the act. Today mirrors are common place and have become an important part of a home’s décor. French mirrors in particular with their gilt frames, curved and intricately carved edges, and sheer opulence can really bring out the best in a room, whether living room, bedroom or hallway. Charming antique versions still attract extremely high prices but there are a number of impressive replicas around today too. Probably one of the best known French mirror styles is the ornate gold leaf over mantle mirror. Its location and sheer size ensure it a ringside seat in any room in which it is hung. But many would catch the eye irrespective for their intricate and elegant carvings. Whether a Rococo mirror, Baroque glass or chateau and shabby chic mirror designs, the French style is always to impress. Very seldom will the glass in a French mirror be positioned in a plain frame. That’s because the French know how to dress up a room and realised long ago that an ornate mirror was an important component of interior design. Unlike the Chinese with their devotion to Feng Shui which states a mirror should never be placed opposite a doorway for fear it’s an omen guests will want to leave, the French have no such qualms. To them décor and beauty is more important than mere superstition or beliefs.
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French Noir Black Painted Rococo Wall Mirror

Best Price: £149.00
French Gold Leaf Rococo Wall Mirror

Best Price: £149.00

January Price FreezeEnds 01/2/2018

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