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Designer Glass Desks

Glass Desks

Our stylish glass desks offer a minimalist designer feel to an office interior, They come in both smokes, and clear styles, and are made by a glass toughening process called Annealed glass when by the cooling process is extended when the molten glass comes out of the rollers in the factory. Working with a glass desk is ideal if you are in a smaller office or an office with limited light. Furniture like this helps to keep your working environment clean and simple.

Oak, Wooden and Designer Desks

There are a variety of styles in this range, there is definitely a desk to suit all personality types here from a stylish and pretty white chateau carved desk, to a steel container style desk. that looks like it has been cannibalised from a shipping container. The Shiro walnut desk is also a stunning piece. You could look and marvel at the grain of the wood if you had the time, failing that we are sure you will find yourself looking at the grain when day

Office Chairs

Why sit on a boring office chair all day when you can have a stunning designer chair that looks slick, feels comfortable and helps you concentrate on all the work you need to do or reading up on celebrity gossip or sky sports news. In the Furniture Market offices we have these chairs ourselves. We especially like the Charles Eames chairs which offer Iconic designs and comfort. You will have seen these chairs on shows like X factor where the judges sit on Charles Eames soft pad low back chairs for example. You can also see the high back office chairs on a recent hit docu-comedy 'lifes too short' with Ricky Gervais, and Warrick Davies.

Filing Cabinets & Office Storage

We have some unique stylish solutions to office storage and filing. The hidden office we have offers a practical solution to storage whilst moving away from the dull sheet metal filing cabinets of a stereotypical office. The office solutions we have are trying to bring the home into the office and the office into the home. Some of the warm tones used in the oak cabinets are sure to help create a relaxing and grounding energy in the office. An office that has good energy is a productive office. That's our philosophy at The Furniture Market.

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