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Charles Eames Chairs

Charles Eames Lounge Chair, Eiffel Chair, Lobby, RAR, & DSW Chair

Eames Lounger Chair and Ottoman

The Charles Eames designs are one of the most iconic and recognised throughout the design and architectural world. Even though many of these unique pieces were crafted in the late 1940's early 50's they still have an extraordinary ability to not only hold their own in today's competitive design sector but still remain one of the most sort after designs for the design conscious individual seeking a classic piece with a modern edge. Here is a brief lowdown on some of the stunning pieces crafted by Mr Charles Eames and his less publicised wife Ray who was responsible not only for many of the design features but also applied her highly acclaimed textile skills to many a piece:

The Classic Charles Eames Lounge and Ottoman

Construction begins with three curved plywood shells which are shaped under heat and pressure, the exact same shape is used for the leather cushions in order to merge both into a solid mass so as to create 3 separate suspended pieces which really give this chair its iconic edge.  "Shock Mounts" on the back of the chair allow the backrest to flex giving you a comfortable bounce, whilst the leather armrests with piped detail provide the connection point for the chair. The whole piece is further supported by two steel rods and sits on a solid steel star frame providing a sturdy platform for this amazing chair. This chair and ottoman has featured rather prominently on the classic Fraser Crain show in which he makes continuing references to its sheer class and beauty. In 2011 a new comedy staring Warick Davies see's the very same chairs in the office of Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais.

The Eames Soft Pad Management Chairs

Eames 217 Soft Pad Low Back Chair

These charismatic office style chairs come in a variety of designs. The "Low Back" provides maximum support and comfort for the lower back, featuring 2 separate leather pads that work much more effectively than just one complete leather cushion. The solid stainless steel frame with castors feature an elevation handle and the stylish armrests give this piece an authoritative edge in office chair design. The "High Back" design is a stylish piece that features all the specifications of the low back but with an additional cushion taking the support right up to the neck, a flex mechanism allows both of these chairs to lean should you need to re-create a scene from UK's "The Office" with Ricky Gervais demonstrating how not to run a successful company. If an office chair was to receive a fanfare entrance then the Eames Lobby Executive Chair would be the one to get it. This stunning piece has been designed with maximum comfort in mind whilst exuding power and confidence to all that sits in it. High class padded leather is used in sections staying true to the classic Eames style whilst the button detail not only adds class to this piece but also assists in providing comfort and support that you know this chair has just from looking at it. The Eames Soft Pad chairs have also had a flash in the limelight as positions of power on this year's X Factor; in this instance the low back version was used in order for us to still have full view of Kelly Rowlands and Tulisa Contostavlos hair doo for the week.

Moulded DSW, DSR, RAR Chairs

This collection of chairs; although originally designed and crafted by Charles Eames and his team back in the 1950's; are at the height of interior fashion today. It is hard to believe that someone of that time can create such iconic designs that have latest and will last for generations to come.  The DSW is a beautiful combination of modern and classic, the moulded seat is sleek and contemporary in design whereas the wooden tri-pod base gives this piece a rather industrial feel and a beautiful twist. The DSR chair takes this design and keeps it purely modern and contemporary with the stainless steel tri-pod base, a very popular choice with many. Moving onto the RAR rocker chair; this piece also mixes contemporary and classic design, conjuring up images of your grandmas rocking chair, a fun piece that provides the ultimate in comfort with its moulded seat to suit all shapes and sizes. Each of these designs has been used in a multiple of interior design shows and has featured heavily in many cookery shows so they are no strangers to the celebrity lifestyle.

The History behind the talented Charles and Ray Eames


Born on June 17th 1907 in St Louis, Missouri, Charles Eames was destined for the world of architecture and design following closely in the footsteps of his talented uncle William S Eames. After working at and attending university studying architecture it became apparent that Charles Eames was not one to follow suit and after being kicked out of university after claims he was too modernistic in his thinking; Charles Eames founded his own practice in St Louis with 2 partners. From here on Charles Eames went from strength to strength and attended Cranbrook Academy of Art where he meant a number of muses including his wife to be Ray Kaiser to which he worked closely with on the creation of some of his most iconic design. The pair became incredibly successful with their inspirational designs and gave rise to aspiring designers such as Harry Bertoia who for a period of time worked under them and went onto create the equally iconic wire mesh Harry Bertoia chair. Charles Eames died after a heart attack on 21st August 1978 whilst away on business; he and Ray were working on what became their last creation, the Eames Sofa which went into production in 1984. Ray Eames passed away exactly 10 years to the date after Charles and both received a Royal Gold Medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects as well as Charles receiving a star on the St Louis Walk of Fame, a truly inspirational couple.

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