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How Do I Remove Stains From Oak Furniture?

While oak is very durable against scratches and other damage, spills and moisture can cause long term damage. To help prevent against any damage to your oak furniture, here are some great tips to help keep your furniture in perfect condition.

Use coasters

Always use coasters and table mats on dining and coffee tables. If you spill a drink, never let the liquid stand – soak it up as quickly as possible.

Mop up spills

Whenever you’re cleaning up after a spill, wipe up in the same direction as the grain to prevent water getting into the wood.

Regularly treat the wood

It’s generally good practice to treat the wood with a natural bee’s wax or lemon oil, to keep the oak in good condition. If you find that something has caused your oak furniture to stain or if you discover a watermark then the first thing to do is check the care guide that came with your furniture. While there are numerous home remedies available, these may have undesirable effects, and cause further damage to the furniture.

Removing the stain very much depends on what caused the damage in the first place and whether or not it is surface damage. If in doubt, it might be best to get professional advice.

Removing water stains and white marks

This method is best done as soon as you notice the watermark on your furniture. By using two tablespoons of mayonnaise combined with cigarette or cigar ashes, surface water marks can be removed. Spread the mixture over kitchen paper and leave on the affected area for fifteen minutes. Wipe away the mixture and then polish as you would normally.

Removing dark stains

Hot items placed on oak can also cause damage and staining, which is another reason to use table mats and coasters on tables. Again, the removal of light, surface stains are likely to be easier than deeper stains. If unsure, always seek professional advice.

Removing dark stains will involve stripping the finish from the wood, and sanding with a fine sandpaper to remove the stain. You will then need to refinish the affected area using Danish-oil. Continue to treat and polish the furniture as you would normally.

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