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How do I remove scratches from oak?

Hardwood furniture such as oak is, by its nature, solid and durable and while it does not damage or scratch easily, that isn't to say accidents don't occur. Accidents, bumps and knocks are all too common in the busy family home, so if you discover a scratch or dent in your oak furniture do not despair! There are numerous ways to repair the damage, without compromising the quality of your furniture.

When it comes to stains and watermarks, prevention is the better than the cure, so always use coasters on oak coffee and dining tables. However, when it comes to other types of damage such as scratches, gouges or dents, these are often caused by one off accidents that cannot be prevented. So if you find any damage to your oak furniture, here are some tips to help you repair the damage and restore their natural beauty.

Repairing surface scratches

Surface scratches should be fairly simple to repair. A surface scratch has not compromised the overall finish of the furniture and will not be discoloured. The simplest method for repairing the scratch is to buff it out using your usual treatment wax and a lint free cloth. Another remedy is to gently rub the inside of a walnut on the affected area to repair the damage. The oil from the nut should match the colour of the wood and sufficiently smooth the scratched surface.

Repairing deeper scratches

For deeper scratches where discolouration has appeared, it may be necessary to use a furniture patching stick to repair the damage. Depending on how deep the scratch is, it might be better to have the furniture professionally refinished.

Alternatively, source a wax furniture patching stick that matches the colour of your furniture and apply to the affected area. Remove the excess once the wax has set and buff the affected area using a lint free cloth and a wax.

Repairing a groove or gouge

If you discover a groove or a gouge in your furniture, the best plan might be to take the furniture to an expert and have it professionally repaired and refinished. However, if you're prepared to tackle the problem yourself, you can repair the gouge using wood filler. Once applied, the filler will take approximately three days to dry. Once it has fully set, sand the affected area and clean away the dust before refinishing with polish or wax.

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